‘Survivor’ deleted scene: Holy ‘mustard’! Lauren catches Kelley and Wardog talking smack about her [WATCH]

As it turns out, things are not all roses and rainbows with former Lesu tribe members Kelley Wentworth, Dan “Wardog” DaSilva and Lauren O’Connell. In CBS’s latest deleted scene video (watch above), Kelley and Wardog are talking smack about Lauren when she casually walks over and sits down next to them. After an extremely awkward moment, Lauren leaves and then Wardog informs Kelley, “We need a code word. This happens too often. We need a word. What about like, um, mustard?”

Before Lauren had entered the scene, Wardog whispered to Kelley, “In a way, I’m kind of like subtly — very, very subtly — throwing Lauren under the bus.” And Kelley was all on board with that plan, responding, “That’s the thing. I just don’t want them to see me and her together, because I obviously want to ride with you.”

That’s when Kelley saw Lauren approaching out of the corner of her eye, so she quickly cleared her throat and told Wardog to “quiet.” The two then laughed awkwardly as Lauren plopped down on a log next to them. “Sorry, I can leave,” Lauren finally declared after some awkward silence, but they responded that she was “fine.”

Kelley tried to explain away what was really happening by saying to Lauren, “We’re just talking about … all these other conversations that people are having … and trying to convince them that you and I are not more of a threat than David Wright and Rick Devens. [They think we’re a] power trio, with me and Lauren being the top.”

Later in a confessional, Kelley proclaimed, “Wardog’s gonna sink his own ship in time. He doesn’t always think things through completely.” Do you predict that the Lesu trio of Kelley, Wardog and Lauren can survive another week within the merged Vata tribe? Hurry and make your predictions for which castaway you think will be voted out next.

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