‘Survivor’ deleted scene: Rick Devens makes his dad proud after winning immunity — ‘He’s gonna be over the moon!’

“He’s gonna be over the moon!” Rick Devens says about his father after winning his second consecutive immunity challenge during the 11th episode of “Survivor: Edge of Extinction.” In CBS’s latest deleted scene (watch above), Rick admits that his goal in life is to make his father proud. “The person that’ll be most proud of me is gonna be my dad,” he announces. “I think when he sees me excelling he’s gonna be so happy for me and just proud. It’s gonna be really a cool moment.”

Rick explains that his father is “an army ranger who went to West Point and was in the military for 20 years before he was a Professor of Engineering.” With a massive smile on his face, this 33-year-old morning news anchor from Macon, Georgia declares, “He’s so impressive. Everything I do in life, I want to make my dad proud.”

After returning from the immunity challenge in which the Final 8 had to complete an obstacle course and a star puzzle, Julie Rosenberg congratulates Rick on his victory. “Really impressive,” she notes about his dominance in the challenge, as Ron Clark asks how he solved the complicated puzzle. Rick jokes in response, “Even a blind squirrel finds a nut.”

Later in a confessional, Rick dips into his trademark “newscaster” voice again and gives this hilarious news alert: “The world is shocked! Deceptive athleticism. He does it again. The puzzle doesn’t puzzle Rick Devens.”

Rick is now the second castaway to win two individual immunity challenges following Aurora McCreary. It’s no surprise, then, to see both of them on the chopping block in recent weeks. Rick has been a target ever since he returned from Extinction Island, while Aurora’s name continues to be thrown out there week after week. Will one of them be eliminated in next Wednesday’s “loved ones” episode?

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