‘Survivor: Edge of Extinction’ contestant Julia Carter is disheartened by her ‘lack of equitable airtime’

Survivor: Edge of Extinction” contestant Julia Carter is still in the hunt for the million dollar prize on CBS’s reality TV show, but you wouldn’t know it by watching.

Of the 15 remaining players, Julia by far has been given the least amount of screen time, and she’s now taken to Twitter to voice her concerns. “It’s disheartening to see the lack of equitable airtime defeating my goal,” she wrote last week. After three episodes, this 25-year-old Bethesda, Maryland resident has yet to appear in a private confessional and the most viewers have seen of her has been at the various challenges, where her yellow Kama tribe has won all three immunities.

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The “goal” Julia is referring to in her tweet is that she decided to sign up for “Survivor” so that she could be a role model and “inspire someone to play despite NOT fitting the archetype.” She also brings up the fact that there are only “two black castaways” in Season 38 — herself and Keith Sowell, who was voted out in the second episode.

Since Julia’s Kama tribe has yet to visit tribal council, they’ve collectively had less screen time than their blue Manu competitors. But that hasn’t stopped the “Survivor” producers from honing in on several at the Kama camp, including returnees Aubry Bracco and Joe Anglim, who are worried about their status in the game, and teacher Ron Clark, who found a secret advantage in the first episode.

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Fans of the “Survivor” deleted scenes know a little bit more about Kama members Eric Hafemann and Gavin Whitson than regular viewers do. Eric, a fireman, caught six fish for his tribe using the fishing gear they won at a challenge. And Gavin, a YCMA program director, is threatened by Joe’s physical ability and wants to “suck out all of its power.” Perhaps there’s a Julia deleted scene coming soon?

In her pre-show bio at CBS.com, Julia said that she’s the most like former player Jeremy Collins, winner of “Survivor: Cambodia — Second Chance.” She raved, “He was a physical beast, but he was strategic in his use of Idols, loyal to his alliance, and overall honest and personable in his gameplay. He was a well-rounded player.” As for why she thinks she’ll survive, Julia declared, “I am a team player and an excellent communicator. I have charm and wits and I am not afraid to make risky moves.”

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