‘Survivor: Edge of Extinction’ video recap: Sizing up Season 38’s new and returning players — which one is ‘like Superwoman’? [WATCH]

“In general the [new] players seemed not so stereotypically ‘Survivor’-esque, and I like that,” Gold Derby editor Susan Wloszczyna tells Marcus James Dixon in our video recap of Season 38, Episode 1 (watch above). The episode introduced a brand new “Edge of Extinction” twist and while the specifics are still a mystery, the premiere ended with voted-out castaway Reem Daly visiting the island and asking, “Holy crap — what is it?” Hey Reem, we have the same question!

Susan adds, “My favorite moment was when [returnee] Joe Anglim, who has been known as ‘Amazing Joe,’ just made fire out of nothing. And then for the reward challenge they got flint and he’s like, ‘Yeah, like I need this.'” Marcus laughs, “Did you see how cool Jeff Probst and Joe were when Jeff kind of tossed [the flint] and Joe just caught it? I could never be that cool!”

Joe and Aubry Bracco are the two returning castaways on the yellow Kama tribe, while Kelley Wentworth and David Wright are back in fighting form as members of the blue Manu tribe. After Kelley fell during the challenge, “She just got up like Superwoman,” Susan remarks. “I mean, she’s not gonna let a few bumps on her face stop her from going as far as she can go.”

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Marcus is in love with the Extinction Island cliffhanger because it reminds him of the TV show “Lost.” “I was looking for a hatch! Where was the hatch?” he asks. “There was thunder and there was lighting — of course, that was probably just added in post. It was so mysterious and I loved how it ended that way with us not really knowing what’s gonna happen.”

In the video above, Marcus and Susan also talk about other highlights from the season premiere, including Ron Clark finding the secret advantage menu, Keith Sowell‘s lack of preparation, whether Reem “sunk her own grave at tribal council,” and who they think will be voted out next.

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