42% of ‘Survivor’ fans think Joe Anglim is the returnee most likely to get off of Extinction Island [POLL RESULTS]

Apparently, “Survivor” loyalists still think Joey is amazing.

Of the four veteran players who find themselves in limbo on Extinction Island on Season 38, 42% of the reality show’s fans  believe Joe Anglim is the likeliest returning castaway who could re-enter the game. It makes sense, since he is a beast at challenges and he will likely have to win one to before being allowed back in.

That is what newbie Rick Devens had to do in order to re-join the players on the main island after the tribes merged.  But these well-liked experienced “Survivors” basically had targets on their backs from the moment they landed on the beach — which is how each of the quartet got blindsided during tribal council.

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Kelley Wentworth, who like Joe and Aubry Bracco has played twice before on previous seasons, had 25% of the voters backing her chances of returning.  Aubry, the first returnee voted out, is next with 17% of the vote. She found practice props on Extinction Island for a future challenge, which may prove helpful. Both she and Kelley were voted out with idols in their pockets, which renders them useless. Last but not least is David Wright with 16% picking him to bounce back.

Of course, there are four other less-seasoned residents lounging about on Extinction Island who are also hoping to get a second chance: Reem Daly, Chris Underwood, Eric Hafemann and Julia Carter. They could easily stand in their way.

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If it counts for anything, Joe gave the most passionate explanation of why he decided to participate in “Survivor” one more time: “I felt it in my heart, prayed about it, all the other people in my life that I told that I was contemplating doing this said that they saw good things, they felt good energy, good vibes. Most importantly, I felt like I had unfinished business. I feel really good about the situation I’m in, the mental state I’m in, my physical state. This game it pushes you, it challenges you in ways you never even thought possible. I have one more challenge to prove, and that’s that I am the Sole Survivor.”

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