Which ‘Survivor’ castaway do you hope returns from Extinction Island: Reem, Keith, Chris, Rick, Aubry or Wendy? [POLL]

At the conclusion of this week’s two-hour episode of “Survivor,” there are now six castaways at Extinction Island: Reem Daly, Keith Sowell, Chris Underwood, Rick Devens, Aubry Bracco and Wendy Diaz. Five of these are original Manu tribe members, while Aubry is the sole voted-out castaway from the original Kama camp. In the trailer for next week’s merge episode, Jeff Probst instructs this grumpy sextet to “Come on in!” which suggests it may finally be time for one (or more?) of these extinct players to re-enter the game. Who do you hope returns from the “Edge of Extinction”? Vote in our poll below.

Reem is by far the island’s longest inhabitant, having been sent there on Day 3 after she was voted out in part for being too maternal to her fellow Manu tribe mates. On Day 6 she was joined by Keith, her former swimming buddy who ironically found comfort in Reem because she reminded him of his mother. Together they discovered a map that instructed them to climb an enormous staircase in order to find rice.

When Chris joined them on Day 8 things immediately went from bad to worse for Reem and Keith, who didn’t much care for his domineering attitude. That is, until he started catching fish for them. Rick was the next inhabitant of Extinction Island on Day 11, which was good because he turned out to be the only person who knew how to read the cryptic map that led them all to a pair of secret advantages. While they agreed to seek out the advantages as a foursome, Keith snuck away to try to locate them himself.

The first advantage that Keith came across was a collection of bamboo rods that can be used to practice for an upcoming challenge. Unfortunately, Chris pushed him out of the way and was able to secure the bamboo rods for himself. Meanwhile, Rick went off to locate the other advantage which turned out to be an extra vote that he could give to any of the remaining players still in the game. He chose Aubry.

Since Aubry felt comfortable within her tribe, she chose not to use her extra vote (or her hidden immunity idol) and she was eliminated with both of them in her pocket on Day 13. Later on Reem discovered an advantage at the shoreline, but she pointed it out to Keith by mistake, who took it for his own. It turned out to be several knots that he can use to penalize his biggest threat at a future challenge. “Oh, Chris is in trouble,” Keith said with a smile.

The sixth person to join the now-crowded beach was Wendy, who was sacrificed by the Manu and Lesu tribes in a special double tribal council because no one was willing to draw rocks if the vote was deadlocked. After Jeff snuffed her torch, Wendy asked for a hug and left tribal council all smiles, then immediately started heading toward Extinction Island.

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