Which FEMALE ‘Survivor’ champ do you hope returns for an all-winners season: Sandra, Tina, Parvati … ? [POLL]

With an overwhelming number of “Survivor” fans voting that they’d like to see an all-winners edition for the reality TV show’s 40th season (due out in early 2020), our fingers are crossed that it’s finally going to happen. If so, which castaways do you hope return for the long-awaited battle of the champions? Over the past 38 seasons of “Survivor,” 15 were won by women while men accounted for 23 victories (see all winners in our photo gallery above). Vote in our poll below to tell us which FEMALE champ must be a part of this potential all-winners season.

Of course, no discussion of “Survivor” winners can happen with mentioning Sandra Diaz-Twine, the show’s only two-time champ. Queen Sandra won the first two times she played — “Pearl Islands” and “Heroes vs. Villains” — and then returned for a third try in “Game Changers” where she was the sixth person voted out. This fall’s 39th cycle, dubbed “Island of the Idols,” will once again feature Sandra, although with a major twist: she won’t be competing for the $1 million prize but will instead be a mentor for the new castaways along with “Boston” Rob Mariano.

As “Survivor’s” first-ever female winner, Tina Wesson from “The Australian Outback” also has a permanent place in many fans’ hearts. Tina infamously bested her physical counterpart Colby Donaldson after Colby won the last immunity challenge and brought her along to the Final 2. A few years later Tina returned in “All Stars” but her competitors were threatened by her resume so she was the first person voted out. Tina’s third time on the show was in “Blood vs. Water” where she competed alongside her daughter, Katie Collins; they both made it to the jury.

And who could forget Parvati Shallow, the winner of “Fans vs. Favorites,” who many consider to be the most savvy castaway to ever play “Survivor”? Parvati originally came in sixth place on “Cook Islands” where she began as a member of the white tribe — yes, white as in skin color. She was later asked back as a “Favorite” and won the game after memorably convincing a “Fan” (Erik Reichenbach) to give up his immunity necklace, then promptly voting him out. For her third time on the show, Parvati made it to the finals in “Heroes vs. Villains” where she placed second to Sandra.

The show’s other female winners are Vecepia Towery (“Marquesas”), Jenna Morasca (“The Amazon”), Amber Brkich (“All-Stars”), Danni Boatwright (“Guatemala”), Natalie White (“Samoa”), Sophie Clarke (“South Pacific”), Kim Spradlin (“One World”), Denise Stapley (“Philippines”), Natalie Anderson (“San Juan del Sur”), Michele Fitzgerald (“Kaoh Rong”) and Sarah Lacina (“Game Changers”). Which female “Survivor” champ do YOU hope returns for an all-winners season?

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