‘Survivor’ 39: 32% of fans say Elaine’s big tribal council move put a target on her back [POLL RESULTS]

New Vokai member Elaine Stott acted like a boss at tribal council last week when she used an advantage and blocked Jason Linden‘s vote. That convinced Aaron Meredith to join her and the two other original Lairo members, Missy Byrd and Elizabeth Beisel,  to snuff out Jason’s torch. As Elaine declared, “I’m gonna play the hero and ride in on my stallion and jump off and save the day for my peeps.”

Of all the 14 castaways still in the game, Elaine is my favorite. This down-to-earth good ol’ gal from Kentucky had likability out the wazoo from the start. In her bio, the 41-year-old factory worker notes that people often underestimate her. That certainly was true of Lauren Beck, who demeaned Elaine’s game by saying she isn’t smart enough to have an idol.  However, she is smart enough to get a block the vote advantage, thanks to her trip to see Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine on Island of the Idols.

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Besides, the Queen got a kick out of Elaine’s gung-ho nature when she agreed to do whatever the mentors wanted her to do before they told her what it was. In the end, their student proved to be up to the task and did not lose her vote.

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But the problem is now, does Elaine have a huge target on her back? Among the “Survivor” fans who took our poll, 32% agreed that the castaway pulled off a great coup, but she probably should keep a low profile before pulling another power move. But 41% say she already had the curse of likability even before using her advantage after being called out as someone who could easily win the whole season.

That Elaine earned props from hard-to-please Sandra is enough for 18% to back her. But 9% say she was just lucky this time and could be going home soon.

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