What should  ‘Joey Amazing’ do to finally win ‘Survivor’? Finding an idol couldn’t hurt, say 32% of fans [POLL RESULTS]

There is no doubt that three-time castaway Joe Anglim, a self-described  “challenge beast,” is great at the game of “Survivor.”  He can conjure fire practically out of thin air, he can scuba dive and spear fish, he can turn himself into a human ladder to help tribe mates make their way over an obstacle. But the one thing he can’t do is snag the title of “Sole Survivor” and earn the $1 million prize.

That is because once the tribes merge, he suddenly sprouts a huge target on his back since he often earns individual immunity. And, on this week’s seventh episode, we will see how the merge will affect “Joey Amazing’s” game play and how the returnees from Extinction Island affect matters.

Last week, Joe poured his heart out to the camera while bemoaning his fate as someone who is too darn handsome, likable and physically adept for the other players to keep around. Out of all the four veterans on Season 38 —  he, more than Aubry Bracco, Kelley Wentworth and David Wright, is the most feared.  As Joe said, “It’s sucks. It’s really difficult to shake that stigma.”

When Aubry was blind-sided at tribal council by her tribe, he realized just how vulnerable he was. “It’s really hard when you want to come back and plays this game that you love so badly. But you also know that you are at a disadvantage as soon as you hit the mat. You have nowhere to hide. You’ve got no one to rely on.” Then Joe started tearing up, using his buff as a hankie.

So we asked you, what should Joe do differently to shield himself from being such a big target?  Two choices in our poll both scored 32% of the vote:  “He should start looking for immunity idols” and “He should just keep doing what he is doing and then start winning individual immunity big time,” which has been his course of action previously.

Next, 22% suggest that he and his fellow returnees (especially voted-out Aubry,  if she comes back into the game post-Extinction Idol) should stick together.  Only 5% chose “He shouldn’t feel the need to always provide for others” while 9% picked “Who cares? He has already won the game of life.”

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Joe does have a solid and loyal fan base, judging from the comments section:

Peni Osso says, “Joe Anglim (Amaxing) should win as Survivor. He truly deserves it. He should also be the next “Bachelor,” but not sure if he is whiny enough or has drama queen capability. He is just so amazing and kind.”

Sunshine wrote, “”I love Joe. I shed a tear when he was crying. He deserves to win  ‘Survivor’  (because) he’s awesome. It sucks now that they’re merging, because if he doesn’t win they’ll vote him out.”

Paula opined, “I love Joe!! The tribe should be thankful they have all the benefits of one person who’s been there before. I also love his hair. Go Joe, you are a winner in my book.”

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