‘La Cheeserie?’ At last, Rick Devens’ ‘Survivor’ victory cry gets an explanation

A  certain phrase uttered after a “Survivor” contestant won a challenge sparked a collective “Huh?” heard round the world during this week’s episode of the CBS reality show. We saw Rick Devens complete a puzzle after a series of obstacles and won food and a spa getaway for his four-person team. When host Jeff Probst declared Rick the winner, he summoned a mighty roar and yelled out, “La Cheeserie!”

The result? Lots of viewers scratching their heads and wondering what the heck Devens was referencing.  While it means “the cheese shop” in French, it refers to something different to those who live in the Washington, D.C. area — especially if they listen to the local sports podcast, “The Tony Kornheiser Show.” It comes from the name of a cheese counter found at Calvert Woodley liquor store.  Golf Channel announcer Steve Sands‘ family owns the shop and he is a frequent guest on Kornheiser’s talk show.


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Rick, a TV news anchor from Macon, Georgia who apparently listens to the podcast, also won individual immunity on Wednesday’s show — which, after so much winning, has put a target on his back — might yell something different this week, judging from the brief preview of next week’s episode. It so happens that fellow contestant Ron Clark found an advantage menu on the first episode of “Survivor” 38 that would have allowed him to steal a reward won by another tribe after a challenge, get an extra vote at Tribal Council or earn individual immunity.

Trouble is, it had to be use during the first three Tribal Councils. And his Kama tribe never took part in any of those gatherings. Therefore, it was no longer valid  after Day 8 in the game. But instead of tossing it away, Ron kept it. How do we know? Because in the preview we see him give it to Rick, who can’t believe his supposed good fortune.

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