Surprise! ‘Survivor’ preview trailer reveals that 2 castaways will be voted out in episode 10 [WATCH]

If you thought last week was crazy, you ain’t seen nothing yet. In CBS’s preview trailer for the 10th episode of “Survivor: Edge of Extinction” (watch above), it’s revealed that two castaways will be voted out in two separate tribal councils. With 10 players remaining in the game, it’s anyone’s guess what might happen over the course of this “epic hour,” but Gold Derby’s racetrack odds currently predict that immunity idol buddies Kelley Wentworth and Lauren O’Connell are the most in danger of being sent to Extinction Island.

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Dan “Wardog” DaSilva says it best in the video when he proclaims, “In this season in which we’ve had five major blindsides, you gotta be stealth.” The shocking eliminations he’s referring to are Chris Underwood, Rick Devens, Aubry Bracco, Joe Anglim and Eric Hafemann. Those first three took place in the early stages in the game, but Joe and Eric were notably sent packing post-merge when their closest allies turned on them.

Elsewhere in the preview trailer, angelic music is heard after Wardog whispers something to Rick. “That’s music to my ears,” declares Rick. Perhaps Wardog is telling him that he wants to work with him — again — after having no such luck just two weeks ago. “You guys tried to vote me out twice,” Rick said at the time, adding, “Why would I work with you guys?” Apparently all has been forgiven.

The two formerly betrayed Kama members, Ron Clark and Julie Rosenberg, also get brief screen time in the promo clip. Ron states, “I can’t believe what I’m hearing right now,” presumably after he learns about the back-to-back tribal councils, while Julie predicts, “I’m ready to expect fireworks tonight.” After this duo “jumped ship” from Kama last week, are they now fully aboard the Lesu train that includes Kelley, Lauren, Wardog, David Wright and Rick Devens?

Find out which two castaways are voted out of “Survivor” when Season 38, Episode 10 airs Wednesday night on CBS. The “Edge of Extinction” season finale is scheduled for May 15, followed immediately by the Jeff Probst-hosted reunion show.

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