‘Survivor’ preview trailer: ‘Crazy’ Rick Devens is ‘target number one’ in penultimate episode [WATCH]

“I think Rick Devens has gone crazy,” declares Lauren O’Connell in the preview trailer for the penultimate episode of “Survivor: Edge of Extinction.” After playing both an expired advantage menu and a real hidden immunity idol at last week’s tribal council, Rick is now scouring every inch of the island to try to find one last power that will help him make it into the Season 38 finale. Will he succeed? Watch the “Survivor” Episode 13 preview trailer above.

In the video, Rick correctly states in a confessional that he’s “still at the bottom.” The other five players — Victoria Baamonde, Aurora McCreary, Julie Rosenberg, Gavin Whitson and Lauren — have wanted Rick out for a few weeks now, but he keeps either winning immunity challenges or being saved by secret advantages, which has prevented him from returning to Extinction Island.

“He is target number one,” Aurora announces about the game’s biggest threat. Not only has Rick won enough challenges to be called a worthy physical player, but his uncanny ability to socialize with everyone — friend or foe — has endeared him to the ever-growing jury. Don’t forget how all of the jury members laughed and applauded Rick’s recent tribal council performance when he played those advantages; they’re clearly keen on voting for him to be this season’s sole survivor.

“I’m doing everything I can to totally mess with everyone else,” laughs Rick as he races through the jungle and hides behind a fallen tree. Lauren then remarks that he “disappears out of nowhere” as we see a scene of Rick scaring Aurora while crouched up on a ledge. “I’ll keep hustling till the end of this game,” Rick promises.

Find out whether Rick’s dramatic idol search pays off when “Idol or Bust” airs Wednesday, May 8 on CBS. The three-hour “Survivor” finale/reunion show then takes place one week later on Wednesday, May 15 when one castaway will be awarded the $1 million check.

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