‘Survivor’ preview trailer: Get your tissues ready for the loved ones visit in Episode 12 — ‘I’m on top of the moon’ [WATCH]

“It’s as close to home as you can get while playing ‘Survivor,'” host Jeff Probst says about the highly anticipated loved ones visit in the 12th episode of “Edge of Extinction.” Each of the Final 7 castaways — Victoria Baamonde, Ron Clark, Rick Devens, Aurora McCreary, Lauren O’Connell, Julie Rosenberg and Gavin Whitson — are then greeted by their family members or friends, with Rick proclaiming, “This is my salvation in the game. I’m on top of the moon.” Watch CBS’s preview trailer above for Season 38, Episode 12, titled “Awkward.”

Per tradition, this is the time where the remaining players can step away from the game for a brief period of time and enjoy the company of their loved ones. The winner of the challenge will get to feast with their plus one, and they’ll also get to pick others to join them. We suggest having tissues handy, as some of these reunions will no doubt have viewers bawling their eyes out.

Elsewhere in the sneak peek video, Ron tricks Rick into thinking that his expired advantage menu from the season premiere still has power. After Rick admits, “I am in a desperate situation” with no allies, Ron is seen passing him the note in the dead of night. Ron whispers, “This is the secret advantage. I’m just going to give it to you. You can trust me.” Ron then later laughs in a confessional, “This expired, but he doesn’t need to know that.”

Rick’s bad luck continues when he approaches camp and sees Aurora, Victoria and Lauren rifling through his personal items. “Why are you looking in my bag?” he demands to know, to which Aurora calmly replies, “Just looking.” If the girls are trying to determine whether Rick has a hidden immunity idol, the truth is only Lauren is currently in the possession of one. The other remaining advantage is Aurora’s extra vote that she received from Aubry Bracco.

According to Gold Derby’s “Survivor” predictions, Rick is the most likely castaway to be voted out this week as he has leading 27/25 elimination odds. Aurora is in second place with 82/25 odds, followed by Ron in third (5/1 odds) and Gavin in fourth (15/1 odds). See more odds and rankings.

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