‘Survivor’ preview trailer spoiler: It’s ‘drop your buffs’ time as Missy Byrd and Elaine Stott wrestle in the dirt [WATCH]

Based on CBS’s spoiler-filled preview trailer for Episode 5 of “Survivor: Island of the Idols” (watch above), it’s time to grab the popcorn because we’re about to see a rough-and-tumble brawl between Missy Byrd and Elaine Stott. As the rest of their tribe watches in shock, the two Lairo members wrestle in the dirt in what appears to be a rather serious physical altercation. Will “Survivor” security be sent in to break up the battling castaways? And what in God’s name could have set them off?

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As we know from last week’s episode, Missy’s decision to take the target off of Dean Kowalski and put it onto Chelsea Walker, one of her female alliance members, really rubbed Elaine the wrong way. Missy’s intention was to break up the powerful showmance, but Elaine was adamant Aaron Meredith should go home because he was being too sneaky. At tribal council Elaine did end up writing Chelsea’s name down, but perhaps she did so by holding her nose in disgust.

Elsewhere in the promo video, Jeff Probst tells Lairo and Vokai to “drop their buffs” as the two tribes are about to randomly swap members. The orange Lairo tribe was at a seven-to-nine disadvantage after last week’s episode, but this mix-up will even the playing field and ensure each group now has eight members strong. In other words, the purple Vokai tribe’s success at three of the first four immunity challenges was all for nothing — womp womp!

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Soon after Jeff swaps the tribes, we see a quick montage of several castaways scrambling at their new camps. Elaine proclaims in a confessional, “You don’t know these people. You can’t trust them.” Kellee Kim tells somebody, “I want to work with you.” Dean declares, “I don’t know if I can work with you.” And Dan Spilo hisses, “This is a doomsday scenario.”

Which contestants will take advantage of the tribe swap and whose torch will be snuffed because of it? Find out when “Survivor” Season 39, Episode 5, titled “Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You,” airs Wednesday, October 23 on CBS.

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