‘Survivor’ preview trailer spoiler: We’ve ‘never had a tribal like this,’ admits a shaken Jeff Probst [WATCH]

After two decades and 575 episodes on the air, you may think you’ve seen everything there is to see on “Survivor,” but that’s not the case. “[We’ve] never had a tribal like this. Ever,” admits shaken host Jeff Probst in CBS’s spoiler-filled preview trailer for the seventh episode of Season 39, titled “I Was Born at Night, But Not Last Night” (watch above). It’s unclear whether Jeff is talking to Lairo or Vokai, but as of this writing both tribes are even at seven members a piece. Avoiding tribal council at this stage is imperative as both tribes crave a numbers advantage heading into the merge.

We get one additional glimpse of tribal council as Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine give each other fist-bumps when they arrive in their secret lookout bunker. “Let the show begin,” Boston Rob tells Queen Sandra. This season these two former winners, he of “Redemption Island” and her of “Pearl Islands” and “Heroes vs. Villains,” act as secret mentors to the tribe members who are randomly chosen to visit the Island of the Idols. So far those who’ve visited the island have kept Rob and Sandra’s existence a secret, but how long until the entire cast is allowed in on the fun?

Elsewhere in the promo video, Noura Salman tries to create an all-girls alliance at the Lairo camp with Janet Carbin, Kellee Kim and Karishma Patel. “We are smart women. Let’s start having our own game,” she proclaims as they all listen intently. Wait, isn’t this, like, the third time this season the women have tried to come together?

The Lairo girls currently have a four-to-three advantage over the boys, which seems to be worrying Dean Kowalski, Jack Nichting and Jamal Shipman. “Moving forward, we have to try to stick together,” urges Jack. That’s music to Dean’s ears as he later states, “I’m just completely mind-blown.”

Meanwhile, over at Vokai Tommy Sheehan and Aaron Meredith have a discussion where they realize “it’s time to lie, cheat, steal.” Following last week’s shocking episode in which their group of four lost the advantage because Elaine Stott‘s group of four had a block-a-vote advantage and sent home Jason Linden, Tommy and Aaron now realize it’s time to play. the. game.

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