‘Survivor’ preview trailer: Get ready for ‘the most unpredictable finale ever’ on Wednesday night [WATCH]

Are you ready for “the most unpredictable ‘Survivor’ finale ever”? Well, you better be, because that’s exactly how CBS is promoting its three-hour finale event on Wednesday, May 15. In the latest preview trailer (watch above), the only castaway who gets any major screen time is, of course, Rick Devens, the fan-favorite underdog who has an uphill climb to make it to the final tribal council. “I’m so excited!” Rick shouts about making it to the Final 5. “This is a million dollars. I’m trying everything I can.”

Also in the promo video, the 11 voted-out castaways are seen competing for their shot at returning to the game. They are: Reem Daly, Chris Underwood, Aubry Bracco, Joe Anglim, Eric Hafemann, Julia Carter, David Wright, Kelley Wentworth, Dan “Wardog” DaSilva, Ron Clark and last week’s eliminated player Aurora McCreary.

After host Jeff Probst shouts, “Go!” the players run through an obstacle course which requires them at one point to untie a set of keys. “Oh my God, Lauren O’Connell says from the sidelines as she holds her hands against her cheeks. Talk about drama! Hmm, could Aubry actually have the upper hand in this challenge thanks to finding the practice advantage several weeks ago on Extinction Island?

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Whoever makes it back into the game will join the Final 5 — Rick, Lauren, Victoria Baamonde, Julie Rosenberg and Gavin Whitson — at the Vata beach. At last week’s tribal council Rick suggested that whoever came back from the Edge of Extinction could end up working with him and Julie, which would evenly divide the game into a 3-3 split with Rick, Julie and the returnee on one side and Lauren, Victoria and Gavin on the other.

Don’t forget, both Rick and Lauren still have hidden immunity idols in their pockets, so there’s no telling who might come out alive from the finale’s first tribal council. In the event of a 3-3 tie, the players without immunity would be required to draw rocks to determine who goes home. Might this be the “unpredictable” element hinted at in the preview trailer?

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