53% of ‘Survivor’ fans must love misery since they picked Season 38’s dismal Extinction Island as their favorite twist [POLL RESULTS]

Survivor” has been pretty sneaky on its 38th season so far. First they are keeping a secret hidden from all the 18 players until they get eliminated at Tribal Council. Namely, once their torch gets snuff, they must decide if they just want to throw in their sand-encrusted towel and leave the game. Or if they want to board a boat and possibly earn a chance to come back.

Maybe the slow reveal of this twist is what attracted 53% of those who voted in our poll that asked which of “Survivor’s” four islands gimmicks over the years was their favorite.

The show also has been hiding just what is exactly going to happen on the island when a castaway gets there and what it involves. Last week, we watched as a distressed Reem Daly, the first person to be eliminated, broke down in tears as she realized her time on the desolate isle wasn’t going to be a picnic. We discovered, along with her, that she was on Extinction Island, which has ominous shipwrecked remains of vessels scattered about, coconuts, a flint to make fire and a sharp cutting tool. And that is about it.

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A sign explains there is a white flag she can hoist to call a boat to take her away if it all becomes too much. Other news: “You will have to work hard for everything. When fear or loneliness sets in find the resolve to overcome.” As Reem noted, there is no timeline yet for what will happen to her.

As for the Survivor’s other three isles, Redemption came in second with 29% of the vote. That concept involved eliminated players getting the chance to redeem themselves and re-enter the game by competing in duels against future castoffs. The winner would remain on the island and wait for the next player. The loser would toss their buff in a fire and be banished from the game.

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Exile Island got a 12% backing  as a way to strand a contestant in a separate area and keep them from strategizing with others. It was introduced on the 10th season,”Survivor: Palau” and showed up on seven other seasons.

Meanwhile, Ghost Island, which was introduced on Season 36, was the least loved. Touted as a graveyard for bad “Survivor’ decisions, it had a cheesy set and basically gave away past immunity idols and necklaces that were misused or ineffective due to the castaways poor decision making. It proved to be not all that popular among “Survivor” enthusiasts. May the twist make like a ghost and disappear permanently.

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Here’s hoping this week’s episode gives us more clues about Extinction Island. And that Keith Howell, Reem’s fellow eliminated Manu tribe mate who we last saw debating his fate while reading the signs, will summon the courage to climb into a boat, sail into the unknown and join her.

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