‘Survivor’ showmance update: Joe’s girlfriend Sierra loves watching him ‘kick butt on TV’

Sorry, ladies, but “Joey Amazing” is off the market.

“I love watching him kick butt on TV,” said Sierra Dawn Thomas, former “Survivor: Worlds Apart” contestant and current girlfriend of Joe Anglim, on Instagram. Joe is competing each week on “Survivor: Edge of Extinction,” his third season after “Survivor: Worlds Apart” and “Survivor: Cambodia,” while Sierra is rooting on her “hunk” from back home in Utah.

Sierra was name-dropped during the most recent two-hour episode of “Survivor” when Joe was tossing beanbags at a target in the reward challenge. “Come on, you got it. Do it for Sierra,” shouted his fellow Kama tribe mates Julia Carter and Julie Rosenberg just before Joe threw the final beanbag and raised the winning flag. Thanks to Joe’s almost inhuman athletic ability Kama easily won the reward of coffee and pastries, their seventh overall victory out of eight challenges.

The Manu tribe, led by Gavin Whitson‘s beanbag tossing, came in second place. That meant the poor Lesu tribe lost yet another challenge, with Lauren O’Connell and Dan “Wardog” DaSilva both failing at the throwing portion. “I think the Kama tribe is completely on ‘Joey Amazing’s’ shoulders,” Kelley Wentworth declared about Sierra’s boyfriend after losing yet again. “The dude wins everything.”

After appearing together on “Survivor: Worlds Apart,” which filmed in 2014, Joe and Sierra remained close friends until eventually they decided to try out a post-showmance. “Thanks for being my best friend and loving me like you do,” Sierra declared when Joe turned 30 back in September. They now live together in Utah, a far cry from from the islands of Nicaragua.

The day before Season 38 premiered, Sierra posted, “This sexy man that I have the privilege of staring at on the daily will be gracing us with his beautiful face and soul on the TV screens. I dunno about ya’ll, but I’m so excited and proud of Joe for playing ‘Survivor’ for the THIRD time.”

As you may recall, in “Survivor: Worlds Apart” Joe only placed 10th, but Sierra made it all the way to fifth thanks in part to voting him out soon after the merge. Something tells us he’s forgiven her.

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