‘Survivor’ sneak peek: Why does Kelley Wentworth compare ‘evil mastermind’ Wardog to Tony Vlachos? [WATCH]

Controversial “Survivor” winner Tony Vlachos will get a shout-out in Wednesday’s all-new episode when Kelley Wentworth compares her “Edge of Extinction” tribe mate Dan “Wardog” DaSilva to the former champion. “Wardog is a crazy man. I think he has like a little Tony in him,” Kelley confesses during CBS’s sneak peek video for this week’s special two-hour episode (watch above). And we’re not sure Kelley’s comparison is meant to be a compliment.

Tony made waves during his first season, “Survivor: Cagayan,” for the cutthroat way in which he treated his fellow players. However, he still ended up winning the $1 million prize. Tony later returned for “Survivor: Game Changers” where his reputation got the better of him and he ended up being the second castaway voted out. This former police officer is considered by many to be one of the reality TV show’s most villainous winners of all time, a moniker that Tony cherishes proudly.

In the sneak peek video, Wardog is trying to convince Kelley that they make a better twosome than Kelley does with Lauren O’Connell. Lauren became physically ill after last week’s tribe swap, which doesn’t bode well for her chances in challenges. “I think that me and you make the best combo post-merge, I really do,” Wardog pitches to Kelley. “One major concern is a David Wright idol. The second major concern is in the back of my mind, if it’s me, you and Lauren, I’m thinking that Lauren and you might take me out. And then in the back of your mind, you’re thinking Lauren and me might take you out. Lauren just hurts us. I think me and you vote Lauren out now.”

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While Kelley has fun calling Wardog an “evil mastermind” and comparing his deviousness to Tony, she still seem to be considering his new plan. “If we do lose, and that seems to be a trend on this tribe, it’s always important to have an A, B and C plan,” Kelley notes. She later adds, “I do have a great relationship with Lauren and I want to work with her, but I feel like Wardog has been truthful with me so far. He’s been the one that’s come to me with ideas. Desperate times call for desperate measures. So I have to figure out a game plan that is going to work for me going forward.”

Kelley concludes, “It’s ‘Survivor.’ Kill or be killed.” If Kelley’s Lesu tribe loses immunity yet again, will she end up siding with Wardog or will her friendship with Lauren win out? And what is David’s status in the tribe now that his buddy Rick Devens has been voted out? Find out Wednesday, March 20 during a special two-hour episode of “Survivor: Edge of Extinction.”

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