‘Survivor’ sneak peek video: David and Rick argue over ‘who gets custody’ of hidden immunity idol [WATCH]

Prior to last week’s episode of “Survivor: Edge of Extinction,” David Wright and Rick Devens were best buddies. However, their friendship is now in chaos after Rick refused to go along with David’s plan because it included working with two people who’d previously voted him out: Kelley Wentworth and Dan “Wardog” DaSilva. In CBS’s sneak peek video for Wednesday’s ninth episode, titled “Y’all Making Me Crazy,” David and Rick argue over “who gets custody” of their immunity idol, which is currently powerless because it’s in two halves. Watch the preview trailer above.

“Even if I wanted to split with Rick, I couldn’t,” David explains in a confessional. “We have to figure out who gets custody of our kid — this little nugget of a hidden immunity idol that is so very powerful, but not as long as it remains in half.”

Coming back from tribal council, David pulls Rick aside to talk about the fact that Rick chose the wrong group when he voted for Lauren O’Connell instead of voting for Eric Hafemann. “We are on separate pages, [but] we’re still together,” Rick tells his bromance partner. “Yes, we are,” David confirms.

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When Rick asks how they move forward from there, David informs him that they need to “re-establish trust” with Ron Clark and Julie Rosenberg as they were the only two people who weren’t clued in to the plan to send Eric to Extinction Island. Rick responds, “That should certainly be easy for me, since I voted with them.”

In our recent poll that asked “Survivor” fans to weigh in on the David/Rick drama, only 18% voted that “the bromance is officially over.” A leading 57% voted that we should “give them some time to patch things up,” while 25% voted that “they’re still best friends and always will be.” Give us your own personal thoughts down in the comments section.

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