‘Survivor’ video recap: We discuss ‘my girl Aubry’ finding yet another advantage, Eric’s ‘epic blindside’ in episode 8 [WATCH]

“Let’s just say, my girl Aubry did well,” Gold Derby’s Susan Wloszczyna tells Marcus James Dixon about Aubry Bracco finding yet another advantage in this week’s episode of “Survivor: Edge of Extinction.” On Extinction Island Aubry was the only person to figure out what the “take a step back” clue referred to, so she was able to find a practice advantage as well as a secret vote that she bestowed to former tribe mate Aurora McCreary. “I like that she gave it to Aurora. That is her buddy,” Susan added. Watch our “Survivor” video recap above for Season 38, Episode 8.

Aurora’s second vote didn’t come into play this week because she simply didn’t need it. After being left out of the Joe Anglim elimination last week, Aurora ended up in a huge eight-person alliance that blindsided Eric Hafemann. They were: Kama members Aurora, Victoria Baamonde, Julia Carter and Gavin Whitson, and outcasts Kelley Wentworth, David Wright, Lauren O’Connell and Dan “Wardog” DaSilva.

“That was quite an epic blindside,” Marcus declares about Eric’s ouster. Susan agrees, chiming in, “I think it even outdoes Joe’s little swipe.” Read Eric’s final words before heading to Extinction Island.

One person left out of the vote was Rick Devens, who passed up an opportunity to join the dominant group because he didn’t want to be on a team again with Kelley and Wardog. “Poor Rick Devens,” sighs Marcus. “He could have finally been in the majority if he had have stuck with his best friend David. But no, he had to once again be part of the minority vote. The fact that he wasn’t even willing to listen, it irritated me.”

Despite possessing hidden immunity idols, Kelley and Lauren made the bold decision not to use them at tribal council.” They knew!” shouts Susan about how the girls didn’t need to play their idols because of the impending blindside against Eric. “Look at their faces. They were not upset. They were going, ‘Okay, we knew this was gonna happen.'”

Also in this week’s video recap, Susan and Marcus discuss Lauren fainting at the immunity challenge, whether Aurora’s pleas to Victoria to step down were inconsiderate of Lauren’s well-being, the half-idol drama between David and Rick, and what’s going on with Ron Clark‘s secret advantage menu. Be sure to watch our prior video recaps for Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5/6 and Episode 7.

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