‘Survivor’ video recap: We dish Aubry’s potential ‘second life,’ Wendy’s ‘hug from Jeff’ in the 2-hour episode [WATCH]

“She has a second life perhaps, as we will eventually see,” Gold Derby’s Susan Wloszczyna tells Marcus James Dixon about Aubry Bracco being voted out of Wednesday’s two-hour episode of “Survivor: Edge of Extinction.” She continues, “I think she learned her lesson. She just was too trusting.” Meanwhile, Marcus notes that he will miss quirky Wendy Diaz, who “got a hug from Jeff” on her way out of the second tribal council. Watch our “Survivor” video recap above for Season 38, Episodes 5 and 6.

When Marcus says he’s “really bummed” that Wendy’s gone, Susan corrects him by declaring, “But they’re not gone,” referring to the very full Extinction Island that’s now home to six voted-out castaways: Wendy, Aubry, Rick Devens, Chris Underwood, Keith Sowell and Reem Daly. “We don’t know how many are coming back,” Marcus remarks about the season’s big “Edge of Extinction” mystery that hopefully will be explained sooner rather than later.

Susan blames Victoria Baamonde for being the reason that Aubry was voted out of the game. “She’s a little young thing who thinks she can rule the world,” Susan gripes before adding that she thinks “somebody that has come back deserves to win.” Other than Aubry, the other three returnees this season are David Wright, Kelley Wentworth and Joe Anglim.

Speaking of Joe, Marcus wonders whether his potential “grooming” of Julia Carter will work out for him in the long run. And with the merge on the horizon, will the remaining players gang up on the physical threats like Joe, Gavin Whitson and Eric Hafemann? “[Joe] is probably going to go home at the merge. He’s a big threat and they don’t need him anymore for challenges because it’s an individual game,” Marcus predicts.

Also in this week’s video recap, Susan and Marcus discuss the moment Kelley Wentworth called David Wright a “girl,” how nobody has used a hidden immunity idol yet, why Rick decided to give the extra vote to Aubry, and whether Aubry got to bring her extra vote and her hidden idol to Extinction Island since technically she’s still in the game. Be sure to watch our prior video recaps for Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3 and Episode 4.

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