‘Survivor’ video recap: It was ‘hard to keep track’ of tribal council in episode 9 — Why eliminate Julia and not Aurora? [WATCH]

“It was hard to keep track,” Gold Derby’s Susan Wloszczyna tells Marcus James Dixon about the “craziest” tribal council ever in this week’s episode of “Survivor: Edge of Extinction.” She continues, “Everybody was seeming to not just change alliances, but physically move around, showing who they suddenly wanted to be voting with.” In the end Julia Carter ended up being eliminated and she chose the option of going to Extinction Island for a future shot at returning to the game. Watch our “Survivor” video recap above for Season 38, Episode 9.

Marcus agrees with Susan, noting, “I was confused why they picked Julia because it seemed like they were going for Aurora McCreary, but then at the last second it was Julia getting all the votes. I think this episode needs a re-watch because it was so complex and a lot was going on.” He then adds, “It was definitely a fun tribal. They even took a commercial break during the middle of it because it was so long.”

Susan confesses that David Wright‘s sharks and minnows story was one of her “favorite moments” so far on the reality TV show. “He actually witnessed it as if it was given him to use during tribal. He was in the water, uh, taking care of business as I will say, and he saw a shark eating a whole bunch of minnows. He kind of made this thing: Are you a shark or a minnow? Are you a pilot or a passenger?”

Is the Lesu trio of Kelley Wentworth, Dan “Wardog” DaSilva and Lauren O’Connell going to stick together, or are their cracks in the alliance? Marcus reminds people that “there was a deleted scene where Kelley and Wardog are kind of whispering about how they need to get Lauren out and then Lauren walks up on them and is like, ‘Oh, hey, how’s lunch?'” Susan chimes in that Lauren could be in danger because “she’s better in challenges.”

Also in this week’s video recap, Susan and Marcus discuss Gavin Whitson‘s ever-growing idol “Survivor” resume that includes winning immunity and going after David, the friendship between David and Rick Devens being mended, and how Eric Hafemann considered raising the mast at the Edge of Extinction to end his game. Be sure to watch our prior video recaps for Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5/6, Episode 7 and Episode 8.

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