‘Survivor’ video recap: We ‘feel bad’ for Reem on Extinction Island because ‘3 days is a long time to be alone’ [WATCH]

“I feel bad for [Reem Daly],” Gold Derby editor Susan Wloszczyna tells Marcus James Dixon about last week’s castoff in our “Survivor: Edge of Extinction” video recap of Episode 2. Susan continues, “Three days is a long time to be alone and not have anything but a lot of sand and broken-up ships that never sailed anywhere. We only got to know her a little bit, but I don’t think she’s a pushover.” Watch our fun “Survivor” video above.

Marcus scratches his head in confusion about what “Edge of Extinction” even means, saying, “We don’t know if it’s gonna be one person that comes back into the game, or is it gonna be a group of people, or maybe all of them get a shot? We just don’t know.” When “Survivor” previously did a “Redemption Island” twist, the voted-out castaways competed in challenges for a shot at returning to the game, but that may not be the case this time around.

Susan declares, “We both didn’t like that they ended the way that they did,” referring to the cliffhanger in which an eliminated Keith Sowell had trouble deciding whether to leave the game or take the boat to Extinction Island. “Just go to the island!” Marcus shouts. “You came here to play ‘Survivor’! Are you really gonna leave this game?” What decision do YOU think Keith will make?

The Manu tribe members debated between sending home Keith or Kelley Wentworth, the returning player they’re most worried about because of her physical and social game play. Did the castaways make the right decision? “I just think it’s too early to get rid of [Kelley],” notes Marcus. Susan replies, “This probably wasn’t the right time, but there will come a time where she’s gonna be pretty expendable because of her strengths.”

Also in the “Survivor” video, Marcus and Susan talk more about returnees Joe Anglim and Aubrey Bracco, they joke about Lauren O’Connell burying her hidden immunity idol, and they debate who might go home next between Kelley and Wendy Diaz. Also watch their video recap from last week’s season premiere.

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