‘Survivor’ video recap: We discuss Wendy and Keith quitting the game, plus Joe’s tragic blindside in merge episode [WATCH]

“At this point in the game when they’re merging, usually it’s sort of a low period because you’re getting to know each other — not this time,” Gold Derby’s Susan Wloszczyna tells Marcus James Dixon about this week’s merge in “Survivor: Edge of Extinction.” When Marcus asks whether host Jeff Probst might have been overselling the greatness of the episode’s Extinction Island twist, Susan replies, “That’s his job to make us feel like it’s special every time.” Watch our “Survivor” video recap above for Season 38, Episode 7.

Marcus brings up the fact that two players — Wendy Diaz and Keith Sowell — “not only lose the challenge, [they] also raised the mast to leave the game. I don’t know how I feel about this. Wendy, what are you thinking?!” When Susan says that Wendy “had enough,” Marcus fires back, “She was on Extinction Island for one night!”

“She never felt completely dedicated to what you have to do to win,” Susan adds about Wendy. “She was having fun. She wanted to chase chickens more than win challenges, so I’m sorry. And those chickens, they’re still there. She abandoned her chickens, so there you go. They’re gonna be eaten. You know they’re chicken salad in the future of ‘Survivor.'”

As for the episode’s shocking blindside of Joe Anglim, Susan admits that it was a “tragedy to me” but that he “brought on his own demise.” Marcus counters, “I have a feeling Joe’s gonna be just okay at Extinction Island. And by the way, we talked about this last week. We said after the merge the big guys are gonna be voted out. We called Joe going home.” Susan chimes in, “He thinks he’s immortal? Well, he’s not.”

Also in this week’s video recap, Susan and Marcus discuss how smart Kelley Wentworth and Lauren O’Connell were to not use their immunity idols, what Rick Devens‘ return to the game means, whether “vicious” Victoria Baamonde can win the show, and why nobody at the merged camp searched for an idol. Be sure to watch our prior video recaps for Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4 and Episode 5/6.

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