Which Team Gwen Stefani artist do YOU hope wins ‘The Voice’: Rose Short, Kyndal Inskeep, Joana Martinez, Myracle Holloway, Jake HaldenVang? [POLL]

Now that we’ve seen all five of Gwen Stefani‘s remaining artists perform live on “The Voice,” which one do YOU hope goes on to join the winners list for Season 17? “I’m so excited to take my team to the live shows,” the pop star coach declared “Everybody’s really talented. I have a team full of very lovable human beings.” Rose Short, Kyndal Inskeep, Joana Martinez, Myracle Holloway and Jake HaldenVang all took the stage during the Monday, November 11 live Playoffs (read our live blog recap here), so vote in our poll below to tell us which one you’re rooting for to become the first champion from Team Gwen.

Rose Short was up first in the live show with her cover of “What Have You Done for Me Lately.” “Rose is a two-chair turn that turned into a major threat,” Gwen reminded the audience. “Everybody is scared of Rose. Rose is a kind of a magical person. She has a crazy, amazing voice. She has personality.” Rose’s previous songs were “Preach” in the blind auditions, “Can’t Feel My Face” in the battles and “Big White Room” in the knockouts.

Next up was Kyndal Inskeep with “10,000 Hours,” whom Gwen referred to as someone who has a “super original sound.” Her coach continued, “She just has so much style to her voice. Those are the kinds of singers I’m always looking for and I got one with Kyndal.” Kyndal’s previous songs were “Never Been to Spain” in the blind auditions, “I Could Use a Love Song” in the battles and “Elastic Heart” in the knockouts.

Joana Martinez was Gwen’s third artist to take the live stage, performing “You Can’t Stop the Girl.” “Every time I come on this show I am aching to work with a young girl,” Gwen stated. “Joana is my talented 15-year-old that I stole from Blake. The technical side of her voice is crazy. Everybody needs to watch out for her in the live shows.” Joana’s previous songs were “Call Out My Name” in the blind auditions, “High Hopes” in the battles and “California Dreamin'” in the knockouts, which is when Gwen stole her from Team Blake Shelton.

Myracle Holloway performed fourth during the Playoffs, choosing the song “Get Here.” “Myracle is the most seasoned artist on Team Gwen,” her coach revealed. “She is able to really connect with her feelings and really open up to people.” Myracle’s previous songs were “When I Was Your Man” in the blind auditions, “breathin” in the battles and “Can We Talk” in the knockouts.

Finally, Jake HaldenVang closed things out for Team Gwen with his rendition of “Turning Tables.” Gwen announced, “Somebody to watch out for in the live shows is gonna be Jake. He is an incredible singer. He could be somebody that’s like, ‘Whoa, we didn’t see that coming.'” Jake’s previous songs were “Wish I Knew You” in the blind auditions, “Just Like a Pill” in the battles and “Powerful” in the knockouts.

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