‘The Amazing Race 31’ finale recap: Who won the reality showdown? [UPDATING LIVE BLOG]

After eight countries, we’ve reached the end of the line on this reality showdown. The season finale of “The Amazing Race 31” is upon us, and one team will walk away with the $1 million at the end of Wednesday’s two-hour closer.

The double episode will cover Legs 11 and 12. The fourth place team will be eliminated at the end of the first hour, which takes place in London and includes a helicopter ride to Dover Castle. If you’ve watched the preview closely or just read our totally accurate analysis, you’ll know who finished in fourth place. The final leg takes place in Detroit, where racers will have to rappel down the city’s famed Guardian Building.

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There are three “Race” teams left — — Colin Guinn and Christie WoodsTyler Oakley and Korey KuhlLeo Temory and Jamal Zadran — and one non-“Race” team, “Big Brother” lovebirds Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo. Last week’s preview revealed that the “Race” teams are in cahoots to make it an all-“Race” final three. Can’t blame them for wanting to keep it all in the “Race” fam.

Only “Race” teams have won the legs so far, so unless Nic and Vic can peak at the absolute best time, we are very close to a perfect 12-for-12 sweep.

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Below, check out our minute-by-minute blog of the June 26 two-hour finale.

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9:00 p.m. – It’s time to crown the latest winners of “The Amazing Race” and recipients of the $1 million prize. As the winner’s of the last leg of the race, Colin and Christie are the first to discover they’re heading to London. “The Amazing Race” teams are planning to gang up on Victor and Nicole to prove the “Race” teams are the best. Will they succeed? It’s time to find out. Let’s race!

9:10 p.m. – Victor can’t even look at the Afghanimals because he’s so furious they U-Turned him on the last leg. He’s hoping to hand Jamal and Leo their third elimination on the 11th leg of “The Amazing Race.” That’s right, this is the leg they’ve gone home on twice before, so they’ve got to be concerned.

9:20 p.m. – The teams have arrived in London and are sprinting for the taxis. Leo and Jamal are the first to realize they must be booked rather than hailed and they’re heading out in first place. They open their clue to find that they’ll take a scenic helicopter ride over the English countryside and the White Cliffs of Dover before landing at Dover Castle. The Afghanimals are the first to reach the Road Block: “Who Can’t Keep a Secret?” They must decipher encrypted messages and type it up on a vintage typewriter to earn their next clue. Leo is taking on the task for the Afghanimals and he’s taking his time since they had a solid lead on the other teams. For the other teams it’s Christie, Victor and Korey. While waiting for the teams to finish up, Nicole overheard the other teams working together and knows they’re all working against her and Victor. Leo nailed this challenge and he keeps himself and Jamal in first place! Meanwhile, Korey and Christie are working together in hopes Victor will fall behind.

9:25 p.m. – The Afghanimals are the first to open their next clue: Board a helicopter to London where they must search a pier for their next clue. Meanwhile, Victor has figured out the code before Korey and Christie, despite everyone else working together. Korey panics and throws Christie under the bus and she’s stuck trying to figure out the rest on her own. Just like that, Colin and Christie are quickly falling behind.

9:30 p.m. – The Afghanimals reach their next clue box and learn they’ll travel the River Thames by speedboat and then find a golden queen for their next clue. They remain in first place and learn what the Detour is: “Know” or “Row.” Teams must memorize a cab route, one turn at a time. Or, they’ll have to learn to row and finish a 200-meter stretch in under one minute. Back at the other challenge, Christie finally finishes in tears and Colin is supporting her keeping her calm. This race isn’t over for them yet! After attempting to row a boat for about 10 seconds, Leo began to panic and quickly decided to take the taxi challenge. Nicole/Victor and Korey/Tyler all decide to row. At the taxi challenge, the Afghanimals must remember 15 streets and seven points of entry. This looks like a total nightmare.

9:40 p.m. – Victor and Nicole hop in the boat and quickly realize how unstable it is. Tyler and Korey look a bit more comfortable, but both teams are getting the hang of it. Scratch that, Nicole and Victor just tipped over. Tyler and Korey are attempting their first 200-meter race against the clock and also take a plunge into the river. Colin and Christie are quickly catching up and if they can complete the row challenge faster than the others, they will be right back in this race. Over at the row challenge, Victor is trying his best but Nicole is absolutely worthless at physical challenges. Come on, Nicole! Colin and Christie have officially caught up to the others at the row challenge and now it’s a three-team race in the boats while Leo and Jamal suffer through taxi school.

9:50 p.m. – Tyler and Korey can’t stabilize their boat and finally give up. They’re headed to the other challenge, which means two teams are at each side of the Road Block. Then, Victor and Nicole give up as well and head to the other challenge. Will Colin and Christie follow suit or try to make major headway in this leg of the race? Over at the taxi challenge, the Afghanimals finally finish and are the first team to head to the Pit Stop at Camden Market. Tyler and Korey were next to finish and this leg looks like it will come down to Colin/Christie vs. Victor/Nicole. The Afghanimals are the first team to reach Phil, but he shocks them by handing them another clue! They’ll have to find some things around the market before this leg is over.

10:00 p.m. – Players must now find eight items in the Camden Market and return them to Phil. Meanwhile, back at the Detour, Colin and Christie have completed the rowing challenge and have overtaken Victor and Nicole for third place. Victor and Nicole then finished the taxi challenge and may still be in this race, depending on how this was edited. They do, in fact, reach the market while everyone else is still searching for items so this is going to be a close race! The Afghanimals finish leg 11 in first place and their curse has finally been lifted! Tyler and Korey finish in second and help Colin and Christie at the Pit Stop. Their advice definitely helped Colin and Christie who may have never found the purple boots without it. Colin and Christie finish in third place and Victor and Nicole were eliminated.

10:20 p.m. – The top three teams will now continue the race and head back to the United States. Their next stop is in Detroit, Michigan. After touching down, teams must find The Spirit of Detroit, where they’ll find their next clue. Tyler and Korey are very familiar with Michigan and may have an advantage, but the Afghanimals are the first to reach the Road Block. One player on each team will to memorize numbers while scaling down the outside of a 500 foot building. Leo has taken this Road Block for the Afghanimals and he’ll be joined on this challenge by Tyler and Colin. Leo gets down the building and must now try to open a safe with the numbers he’s memorized. His first attempt is a failure and he’s not sure if he has the wrong numbers or doesn’t understand how to open the safe. He reviews the directions for the safe once more, but Colin is the first to open the vault. He and Christy will now head to a Fowling challenge – knocking down all the pins to receive their next clue.

10:30 p.m. – Colin and Christie can’t find their taxi and in the meantime, Tyler has opened up his vault. Tyler and Korey are now in first place, Colin and Christie can’t find their taxi and Leo still hasn’t opened up his vault. Drama! Colin and Christie track down their cab driver and she lectures him about how this race works. I have a feeling he won’t lose them again. Tyler and Korey get to the Fowling challenge in first place. Meanwhile, Jamal is frustrated that the other teams left 10 minutes ago and Leo is still down in the vault. I guess he’s not so good at numbers. Tyler and Korey finish the Fowling challenge in first place and get their next clue. They’ll have to master a production of five two-tone vinyl records. Colin is a total challenge beast and and him and Christie are hot on their heels. Leo has basically given up on opening the vault. They’re WAY behind.

10:45 p.m. – After studying the directions for the safe for about 20 minutes, Leo figures out his mistake and finally opens his safe. They’re finally moving on and a full challenge behind the other two teams. With a perfect first run at making records, Colin and Christie are now in first place and will travel by taxi to Hart Plaza to find their next clue. Tyler and Korey are heading out shortly behind them. Colin and Christie find their next clue and must assemble a five-piece drum kit from scratch to get their next clue. Meanwhile, musicians are jamming LOUDLY around them and they can barely hear each other during the challenge.

10:59 p.m. – On their first check, both Colin/Christie and Tyler/Korey fail their drum inspections. After more failed inspections, Colin begins to go crazy and Christie reminds him to breathe. They finally fix what’s wrong and they’re heading to the finish line! Tyler and Korey are close behind. A taxi ride could make or break this finale! Colin and Christie arrive to the finish line in first place! After finishing in second place 26 seasons ago, Colin and Christie have finally gotten redemption and won “The Amazing Race!” Tyler and Korey finish in second and Leo and Jamal just couldn’t get it together, finishing in third place. That’s a wrap for Season 31!

Winners of “The Amazing Race” Season 31: Colin Guinn & Christie Woods (“The Amazing Race”)

Second Place: Tyler Oakley & Korey Kuhl (“The Amazing Race”)

Third Place: Leo Temory & Jamal Zadran (“The Amazing Race”)

Fourth Place: Victor Arroyo & Nicole Franzel (“Big Brother”)

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