TV DERBY: The Leg 8 ‘Amazing Race’ Roadblock will have racers taking their best shot as William Tell

Leg 8 of “The Amazing Race” takes place in Switzerland and the episode is called “You’re the Apple in My Eye.” Put two and two together and you can probably guess what that is referring to. Yup, William Tell, the famed Swiss folk legend who shot an arrow through an apple on his son’s head. And that’s exactly what the teams are doing next week.

Well, not “exactly,” since there is no child involved; they’re just shooting with a rifle at an apple resting on a dummy’s head in a gorgeous Swiss field. From the looks from the press photos, the task is a Roadblock. Here’s everyone we know who is doing it.

Bret LaBelle

Becca Droz

Tyler Oakley

Jamal Zadran

Colin Guinn

Victor Arroyo

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The only team unaccounted for in the released photos is Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater. The sisters have split the Roadblocks 5-3 so far in favor of Elissa, so it’s likely Rachel will step up here to stay even and not have Elissa max out too early on her Roadblock limit. (In case you’re wondering, all of the other teams have an even 4-4 Roadblock split except for Chris Hammons and Bret, who are also 5-3, so it makes sense that Bret is taking this one. Plus, it’s on land and doesn’t involve dancing.)

Here’s hoping someone says they’re not gonna throw away their shot.

“The Amazing Race” airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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