We may have just figured out why the Reilly sisters and Team Vicole are feuding on the next ‘Amazing Race’

After a cry-fest at the mat with the #MomSquad Janelle Pierzina, Britney Haynes, Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater on Wednesday’s “The Amazing Race,” the preview for next week’s episode teased a far less cordial interaction between the Reilly sisters and their “Big Brother” brethren Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo.

All we know from the preview is that they’re arguing on a train. Actually, it’s more like Rachel lashing out while Nicole and Victor stand there silently, and Elissa tells Rachel to calm down. Then we get another scene of Nicole saying she doesn’t want to hurt anybody and Rachel shutting her down, telling her not to play the victim, as Victor attempts to roll his eyes to the furthest point back of his head. Tag yourself. I’m Victor.

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Naturally, there is no context for this fight… or is there? This episode preview certainly doesn’t tell us much, but remember the season-long preview after the season premiere? No? Let us refresh your memory. That preview teased the latest twist, the U-Turn Vote, which had Rachel very pressed. Here was the snippet we were gifted.

If you remember this tease, then you would’ve known that the Reilly sisters were not getting eliminated in any of the last three legs despite their poor racing and the edited drama.

Anyway, last month, we had no idea when or where this U-Turn Vote would occur. But now we know that Leg 7 takes place in the Swiss Alps. And look at the flag that’s draped over Phil Keoghan‘s podium! Looks awfully like the Swiss flag, right? With that red background and part of a white cross. If “The Amazing Race” were in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that flag would’ve been edited out immediately. Plus, the show would drop the U-Turn Vote while they’re in a famously neutral country.

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While we don’t know exactly what the U.S. version of the U-Turn Vote will entail, it’ll most likely mimic the international versions: At the start of the leg, the teams each vote for a duo to be U-Turned. The team that receives the most votes will be U-Turned and has to complete both Detours that leg.

Rachel (and Elissa) would obviously be peeved if they are the U-Turned team, but Rachel (and Elissa) would be extra pissed at Nicole and Victor if they had also voted to U-Turn the sisters because of the “Big Brother” alliance they had made earlier in the season with Janelle and Britney. Nicole and Victor could’ve felt pressured to vote along with the house other teams if the sisters were the target, hence Nicole saying she doesn’t want to hurt anybody. And someone reneging on a promise is absolutely something that would set Rachel off.

This all tracks. Now watch the feud be about something else entirely.

“The Amazing Race” airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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