Which returning racers are you rooting for on ‘The Amazing Race 31’?

The returning teams on “The Amazing Race 31” all have unfinished business, as none of them have won the $1 million prize before. Five of the 11 “Race,” “Survivor” or “Big Brother” teams this season are former racers, with another “Race” alum part of a “Big Brother” duo. But which returning racers do you want to cross the finish line first?

Art Velez and John James “JJ” Carrell
Art and JJ finished second on “The Amazing Race 20.” The border patrol agents (gee, that job has a whole different meaning in 2019) had the misfortune of competing on the same season as “Race” GOATs Rachel and Dave, who set the record for most leg wins in a season at eight. Art and JJ blew their shot to win it all when Rachel and Dave accidentally skipped the final Roadblock, but Art struggled in the Roadblock, and they watched helplessly as Rachel and Dave returned, crushed the Roadblock and left them in the dust. While some fans found them arrogant with their boasting, Art and JJ were good racers, never placing lower than fourth.

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Colin Guinn and Christie Woods
Just legends of the game. Season 5 was “Race” at its peak with lots of memorable characters, but love ’em or hate ’em, Colin and Christie are probably the first ones you think of. Intense and short-tempered, they gave us “My ox is broken!” and won six legs, but alas, came in second on the final one, thanks to a delayed flight. They were the perfect reality villains because they were ruthless, crazy, and truly did not give a sh– about anything other than winning — even if it means getting arrested — but they backed it up by actually being successful.

Becca Droz and Floyd Pierce
Ah, Team Fun. Becca and Floyd finished in fifth place on Season 29, aka the strangers season. It was all fun and games until Becca almost murdered Floyd for nearly losing his passport. They survived that, but got a mercy elimination when Floyd came down with heat exhaustion and dehydration during the Roadblock in Vietnam and they never completed the leg. You should probably start preparing yourself for the Fun-O-Meter again.

Leo Temory and Jamal Zadran
The fun-loving, self-professed Afghanimals weren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they notched back-to-back fourth-place finishes on Seasons 23 and 24, which is both awesome and terrible. On both semifinal legs, they started out in first place only to come in fourth and miss the final. Will it be deja vu again?

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Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl
Regardless of what you think of Season 28, aka the social media stars installment, Tyler and Korey were pretty tolerable, and the former’s following is still big, so it’s no surprise the show wanted them back. They were also pretty strong racers. Outside of two sixth-place finishes, they didn’t come in lower than third, which was their final leg placement.

Rachel Reilly
Though she’s repping “Big Brother” since she’s competing with her sister, “Big Brother 15” alum Elissa Slater, Rachel, who won “Big Brother 13,” has the most “Race” experience out of of everyone in this cast. A two-time finalist, she came in third twice with her now-husband Brendon Villegas on Seasons 20 and 24, so they are the only team to have completed the “Race” course more than once and never get Philiminated; she could now become the first person to do it three times. Rachel ruffles feathers anywhere she goes — she had enemies on both her “Race” seasons and anyone who’s seen her first “Big Brother” season knows all about the drama that went down — but she’s also fierce competitor and comp beast.

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