Is this the task that will ‘drive everyone crazy’ on ‘The Amazing Race’ this week?

Double the episodes mean double the tasks — plus one — this week on “The Amazing Race.” Wednesday’s back-to-back episodes will feature a Head-to-Head Battle in the second hour that could just be the one that the new promo is teasing will “drive everyone crazy.”

Based on the logline — “Teams must drum up enough strength for an intense head-to-head battle before checking into the mat” — we know the Head-to-Head on the sixth leg likely involves drums, and the promo (watch above) shows Floyd Pierce stacking a bunch of drums. It then cuts to a shot of Colin Guinn and his drum stack, jokingly laughing to the heavens in that “I can’t believe this, c’mon already” kind of way. (His drums are not broken.)

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Having absolutely no idea what the ask actually is, stacking drums ostensibly looks easy enough, but there could be some difficult component, and coupled with the intense stress of beating at least one team in order to safely check in could totally drive people crazy.

Besides, the other tasks featured in the promo — ziplining and running around a dinosaur park carrying dino eggs while dressed as a dinosaur — feel less pressure-packed. Ziplining is just plain fun, unless you’re scared of heights, in which case you’re missing out.

The fifth leg takes the top eight teams to Dubai, the site of said ziplining and the dino park, and the sixth leg occurs in Uganda.

“The Amazing Race” returns with two episodes on Wednesday in its new time slot, 8/7c, on CBS.

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