Nicole’s dire Switchback pole vault attempts will give you the LOLs in this ‘Amazing Race’ sneak peek

The Switchback is back! As seen in the preview for Leg 10 of “The Amazing Race,” we’re getting a redo of an oldie but goodie task: pole vaulting across a ditch of water in the Netherlands. And if this sneak peek above is any indication, Nicole Franzel has her work cut out for her.

“Race” fans will recall the first appearance of this task, which is a Dutch sport known as fierljeppen, in Season 12. It returned in Season 21 when the show again visited the Netherlands. In both previous seasons, the task was a Roadblock, but now it appears to be a Detour, based on the yellow clue Nicole is holding. Whatever the case, both team members have to do it.

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Victor Arroyo pole vaulted in college (of course he did), so he aces the jump on the first try. Nicole, on the other hand, is just over here face-planting into the water. Look, I would never be able to do this, and she’s a tiny person and the pole is, like 43 times taller than her, so this was always going to be tough for her, but she’s not even jumping off the ground! She’s just hilariously running into the water with a giant pole.

“It was terrible,” she says in a talking head. “I’ve done nothing like this pole-vaulting maneuver.”

Clearly. The other noticeable thing about this is that no other team is anywhere to be found, so this could be a Detour that no one else chose, and Nic and Vic are far ahead or behind — more likely the former since they’re in a pretty chill mood, you know, besides Nicole eating it in the dirty ditch.

“The Amazing Race” airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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