Becca and Floyd (‘Amazing Race’ exit interview) on their egg-cruciatingly ‘dumb’ mistake and the pee break you didn’t see

Team Fun made an egg-xtremely bad moo-ve (sorry, we’ll stop now) on Wednesday’s episode of “The Amazing Race.” After getting U-Turned by Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo, who were already U-Turned by Leo Temory and Jamal Zadran, Becca Droz and Floyd Pierce had to complete the second Detour, which tasked them with pole vaulting to collect a dozen eggs and two blocks of cheese and then delivering them via tandem bike to a market in Kampen, Netherlands. Team Fun made the pole vault Switchback look easy as hell, but they didn’t do the easiest thing of them all: check the eggs for cracks. One had a hairline fracture and so they had to do it all over again, pushing them to last place. But at least this time they finished Leg 10 instead of getting a mercy elimination like in Season 29 when Floyd came down with heatstroke.

So why didn’t they check the eggs? And what do they think of Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater spilling the beans to Vicole that they wanted to U-Turn them? Find out in our exit interview below.

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Gold Derby: What was it like watching the episode?
Floyd: It’s funny because it happened a year ago, so we’ve had plenty of time to process it. But while I was watching it, I knew what was going to happen and I was pretty lighthearted about it, but I found myself still pretty affected emotionally, especially when I saw I was holding the eggs.
Becca: I actually went to an event last night and was like, “OK, I will have good night and will watch it later.” As the future unfolds, I will see this, as I already do, as more and more of a blessing that is sometimes hard to see in the moment. I was really hoping to watch it with a mindset that I wasn’t going to be so hard myself, and to try to watch it with compassion for myself and for Floyd. And I was able to do that, which I was really happy about. When I saw scenes for the next episode last week, I felt a lot of emotion coming through me, so for the last week I was trying to reframe how I was going to experience watching it.

Gold Derby: So everyone wants to know: Why didn’t you check the eggs? We see you open the bag and look inside, but you didn’t go through them one by one.
Becca: [Singing] Why didn’t we check the eggs? Check the eggs! [Laughs] You figure you learn that in the grocery store to always check the eggs. What I think I’ve come to the conclusion of is that we in such a survival state of mind that the brain hormones, the stress hormones were running through our brains in ways we couldn’t control. We were in such a stressed-out survival mode that it just wasn’t a moment we had rational thought in.
Floyd: Yeah, we were trying to keep the momentum going and trying to survive the U-Turn. We were actually feeling pretty good and were pretty optimistic. And we just overlooked a minor detail.

GD: We know from the episode that you were actually ahead of Nicole and Victor when you went to the market the first time, but I’m assuming you didn’t know that in the moment.
Floyd: No, we didn’t. We didn’t know that until after we had our eggs and cheese and we were biking back to town and we saw them going in the other direction again. That’s when we were like, “Oh my gosh, we’re still in this.” Until that fatal egg. [Laughs]
Becca: Until the egg! I said, “We’re idiots” like 15 times that episode. So dumb.

GD: What happened when you were looking for the cows? You left the clue box at the same time as the Afghanimals, and they caught up to Colin [Guinn] and Christie [Woods], and Tyler [Oakley] and Korey [Kuhl].
Floyd: It was essentially some poor directional choices. So when we were leaving that yacht club where we got the Detour clue, basically in that clue it said, like, one Detour is in barn No. 7 and the other is in barn No. 31. And to the left, we just saw acres and acres of farmland, and to the right was the main road we came in on from the main town. We were confused for a little bit and we went toward the main road and found a map and found this trail that led to barn No. 32 or whatever the number was. It was a path that was so roundabout that went all through the countryside, and we thought we were going the right way. Technically, we were, but it was not the most direct way because all we had to do was ride on that main road up, like, half a mile and we would’ve seen those flowers where the cows were. It was just committing to a direction that was not correct.

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GD: Did you know where the Afghanimals went and you just chose not to follow them?
Becca: No, we didn’t know. We were trying to look up directions on someone’s phone, but the farms weren’t showing up on Google Maps. And so we were like, “How the heck did everybody know where to go?!” I still don’t understand how they knew where to go. Maybe somebody pointed them in the right direction. But we found a map and we were like, “We’re gonna read this map. This has gotta be right.” … [It took us] 30 minutes at least. That was a long bike ride. I mean, none of that bike ride was short. We could tell you all about how to get to town, to the farm. We know all about that now.

GD: Since you fell so behind, were you expecting to be U-Turned once you saw there was a Double U-Turn ahead?
Floyd: Honestly, not really. We didn’t know if other “Amazing Race” teams had been U-Turned because that probably would’ve been a good move strategically. In the airport when we were leaving Croatia, we had a brief discussion with some other teams about no U-Turns, everyone chill, so we were feeling pretty comfortable. But you always have a vision. We just weren’t sure.

GD: If you were ahead, would you have U-Turned anyone? I’m assuming you would if you were behind.
Becca: I don’t think I would’ve, but Floyd might have a different answer.
Floyd: If we were ahead and heading to the Pit Stop, probably not just to keep the drama low. But I can’t say with 100 percent certainty that if a strong team was behind us I wouldn’t have been tempted to U-Turn them.

GD: You were unwittingly caught up in the U-Turn drama three weeks ago. What did you think of the Reillys telling Nicole and Victor you wanted to U-Turn them?
Becca: I was pretty surprised by that, honestly. We had a beer with them. We’re like, “This is great. We’re finally understanding we’re not taking things personally. We’re just gonna play a strategy game here. Let’s look at who are the strongest teams are. OK, let’s work together.” We know we were not the strongest team, at least that’s how we were looking at it. I took the U-Turn super personally [when the Reillys U-Turned us in Leg 2]. I was like, “Leg 2, they’re trying to take us out of this game! They’re trying to crush my dream and take this away from me.” It was such a rogue move when you’re in the front of the pack and it was really hard for me to get over it. But Leo and Jamal and Floyd were trying to help me move forward from personal and move to the strategic. So when we all made that strategic idea to [target Colin and Christie, and Nicole and Victor], we were like, “This is great. This makes sense.” And then they told them. Nicole came up to us at the airport and was like, “Did you say you wanted to U-Turn us?” [Laughs]
Floyd: We were like, “No.” [Laughs]
Becca: “Of course not, Nicole!” And it actually influenced our decision at the U-Turn Vote because we wanted to prove to them we didn’t want to U-Turn them, so instead of voting for them, which in hindsight probably would’ve made more sense, we did not vote for them because I think there was a part of us that wanted to prove our loyalty.

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GD: And they’ve said that was why they decided to ask you. What was more surprising to you: that the Reillys told them or that Nicole and Victor confronted you about it?
Floyd: The Reillys.
Becca: Yeah, definitely.
Floyd: Because Nicole and Victor are pretty levelheaded individuals. That was a smart move strategically on their part too. They’re super strong racers, as you’ve seen, but they at times had nervousness as they were trying to orient themselves. So I wasn’t surprised that they wanted to bring that to light.

GD: Did that affect your relationship at all? There was that thing in the airport last week, but I do not think you guys cut in line. There were clearly two agents and two lines. And Nicole has said on their podcast she doesn’t think you did either.
Floyd: [Laughs] I don’t think so. It probably made it easier for them to U-Turn us. It was a strategic decision for them to do that, obviously, but I’m wondering if it maybe made it emotionally easier. But [the airport tiff] was just a stressful moment. I don’t think anyone was trying to act personally or take anything personally. We were all pretty chill throughout the whole thing.

GD: Floyd, did you ever think being a drum major would be so useful on “The Amazing Race”? There were so many music- and marching band-based tasks this season.
Floyd: Oh my gosh! No, I’m so thankful for it, my goodness. It’s not just being a drum major, but being musical and enjoying music in general was really helpful. A lot of marching band kids are incredibly intelligent. [University of Colorado’s] marching band is like 80 percent engineers, for example. I don’t know if that’s necessarily a correlation. I expected it be part of the reason I was cast, but being able to see those skills actually play out in really tangible ways was awesome.

GD: Is Leg 10 your kryptonite? Like you said, at least you completed it this time.
Becca: Oh, Leg 10, kryptonite. Yeah! I think it’s like that point in the “Race” where you start to see the finish line and really feel super competitive. … We talked about it right before. I was like, “I’m really nervous that I’m gonna get too competitive. I want you to help me calm down in certain situations. We really aired out our nervousness before going into Leg 10.” We had already [gotten through] Vietnam, check. We had gotten through all these things that were blocked for us. We had been making really good decisions. And now it was Leg 10, another biking leg. I think it was too much of a competitive mindset. I don’t know. That’s what I keep coming back to. I was coming from a place of anxiety and fear rather than “We got this!”
Floyd: Yeah, I pretty much agree. It was being too much in the moment and being in the moment in a negative way. It was a really dramatic and heavy navigational leg. Leg 10, you’re in the double digits, you’re getting to the end. On the calendar, there’s less than a week left before the “Race” finishes. There’s something psychological there. If we ever were to do it again for whatever reason, I’m confident we can conquer Leg 10. I’m not gonna say that’s our kryptonite.
Becca: OK, thank you, Floyd, thank you.
Floyd: We can overcome it.

GD: You were hopeful until the end. Did you see the four boat trains by the island when you were approaching or were you still not looking?
Floyd: We didn’t count.
Becca: Intentionally.
Floyd: We also had to pee so badly. This was the fullest our bladders had ever been on “The Amazing Race.”
Becca: We were so hydrated.
Floyd: Yeah, we actually got to the Pit Stop and before Phil [Keoghan] eliminated us, we said, “Can we pee really quickly?” And they were like, “Yeah, go ahead.” It was funny.

GD: That should’ve been in the episode. Would you guys do “Survivor” or “Big Brother”?
Floyd: I’d consider both, honestly. I would do both.
Becca: I feel like if “Survivor” asked me, it would be hard to say no. … I think we should do “Dancing with the Stars.”

GD:  You guys do have the moves.
Becca: The CBS version!

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