We can definitively say Team Fun did not cut in line on ‘The Amazing Race,’ and this ruling is final

Airport drama returned on Wednesday’s episode of “The Amazing Race” thanks to a major flight delay and accusations of cutting. Team Fun, Becca Droz and Floyd Pierce, appeared to have cut in front of Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo to get tickets from Zurich to Split, Croatia. The sneak peek didn’t offer any definitive evidence since it started with Team Fun already at their ticket agent, but now that the episode has aired, we can conclusively declare that Team Fun did not, in fact, cut in line.

I know. This is such a serious issue we needed to investigate, but stay with me here. The entire sequence, as shown in the episode, is as follows: Team Fun, Vicole, and Colin Guinn and Christie Woods head to one counter. As Colin and Christie are getting their tickets, Team Fun and Vicole walk over to another counter where the Afghanimals, Leo Temory and Jamal Zadran, are booking. The counter has two agents. Nicole and Victor stand right behind the Afghanimals while Team Fun walk over to the second agent, who is helping non-“Race” customers.

When Nicole sees this, she tells Team Fun, “If she opens up, then we were in line,” to which Becca rolls her eyes. “There’s nothing we can do,” Victor tells her. “They’re right there.” And we all know what happens after that: The non-“Race” customers leave, so Becca and Floyd get their tickets. The Afghanimals get their tickets, but their agent clocks out and saunters away while Nic and Vic beg her to do one more booking.

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So based on this, Team Fun did not cut. There was no roped maze or a “form one line” sign where the next person in the queue is called up to the first available counter. There were clearly two agents, ergo two lines — as Becca notes in a talking head — and Team Fun stood behind one that had no other person in line besides the people currently being helped. If there weren’t supposed to be two lines, then the agent would’ve directed Team Fun to wait after Nicole and Victor, who were first. This was a grocery store situation, where you and your partner would split up to stand in two lines and one of you switches to the line that is moving the quickest. That’s what Nic and Vic should’ve done, but they probably didn’t even notice the second agent or they didn’t register her until they saw Team Fun go over since they were busy talking to the Afghanimals.

Nicole’s frustration is understandable, and I get why she feels Team Fun cut, and she is not wrong that they were technically next in line — but in the Afghanimals’ line. They were not next in the non-“Race” customers’ line. And yes, since they’re friends, the courteous thing would’ve been for Team Fun to let Nic and Vic go next when the non-“Race” customers left, but they didn’t owe them that. Plus, all of them were in “Race” mode trying to score the best tickets, so they have no reason to put Nic and Vic before their needs when they did nothing wrong.

But in the end none of this mattered since Nicole and Victor managed to get on an earlier flight on standby, while Team Fun, the Afghanimals and Colin and Christie had to wait an extra hour for a delayed connection.

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