Ready for the next trip around the world? Everything we know (so far) about ‘The Amazing Race 32’

The Amazing Race 31” may have just ended, but it’s never too early to start thinking about Season 32. And the good news is that it already exists! Here’s everything we know so far about the next trek around the world.

1. It’s already been filmed
Season 32 was filmed in fall 2018 and Phil Keoghan told us earlier this month (watch above) the season is currently in post-production.

2. It will premiere midseason
As previously announced in May, Season 32 will be a midseason replacement for the fourth year in a row. If you don’t know TV industry lingo, that means it won’t debut before January unless a ton of CBS’ new shows bomb and the network needs a replacement ASAP. You’ll recall Season 31 was originally scheduled to premiere May 22, but it moved up to April 17 to replace the low-rated “Million Dollar Mile.”

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Season 30 aired in January and February 2018 in between seasons of “Survivor” in the latter’s Wednesdays-at-8 time slot, but “Celebrity Big Brother 2” primarily occupied that spot this year. With “CBB” not yet renewed, perhaps “Race” will get that slot back next year?

And yes, this also means Season 32 will air more than a year after it filmed. Season 31 was filmed over three weeks in June and July 2018 and premiered 10 months later.

3. No, there is no premiere date yet
Midseason premiere dates are typically announced in late fall.

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3.  The season is going “back to basics”
“Race” has experimented with a handful of themes in recent years — blind dates, strangers, social media stars, reality showdown — but Keoghan says Season 32 was about deconstructing the show and focusing on what has always made it work and endure versus trying to come up with a newfangled twist.

“We’re wanting to get back to a lot of the core elements of ‘Race,’ having come off this season where we pulled in people from various seasons from different shows. We went back to basics for 32” he told us. “All the things to me that make the show work. Everybody always says, ‘What’s new and different?’ But at the end of the day, fans like the fact that there are certain things they can expect from the show and they want to see those things again and again. And there’s nothing wrong with that. If you look at shows with incredible longevity, they’re the shows that keep giving fans what they want. So I don’t think we always have to be changing the core concept of what ‘Race’ is all about. It’s so good at a fundamental level. Why mess with something that everybody loves?”

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Yeah, so this one sounds like it’s for the die-hards.

4. The racers are newbies
In that vein, after a reality showdown between “Race” alums, “Survivor” and “Big Brother” teams, Season 32 is reverting back to a regular ol’ season with 11 new teams of two with a pre-existing relationship. Keoghan calls the cast “really dynamic.” But as with numerous seasons of “Race,” while the cast may be new to to the show, some of them may have notoriety elsewhere.

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5. OK, great, but what about Season 33, you ask?
Excellent question. “Race” has not officially been renewed for a 33rd installment, but Keoghan felt optimistic about another global circumnavigation. “My gut tells me because the show’s performed really well, and with the strength of Season 32 … just knowing the strength of what’s to come, I feel pretty confident that they’re going to see this show has a lot of legs left,” he says. “No pun intended.”

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