Ouch! Watch Colin literally get nailed in the head in this ‘Amazing Race’ deleted scene

If you noticed a tiny mark on Colin Guinn‘s forehead on Wednesday’s episode of “The Amazing Race,” that’s not a popped zit or an accidental scratch or anything. Nope, that’s a scar from a nail. Colin literally got nailed in the head on the show — and that did not make the episode.

As revealed by a deleted scene (watch above), an eight-inch nail landed square onto Colin’s forehead from a building undergoing construction as he and Christie Woods were walking around Laos before their flight to Vietnam. The result: A stream of blood running down his face.

“I was just walking along the sidewalk and got smoked by a nail in the head, so that can happen while you’re traveling,” he says. “We got tetanus before we came, I think.”

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The old Colin would’ve spent like 23 minutes blasting the construction workers for almost blinding him — and you know that would’ve definitely made the episode — but not Colin 2.0. He and Christie take it all in stride, knowing it was an accident and assuring a local not to feel guilty. “It’s OK, don’t worry,” Colin tells him. “It’s an accident. No problem.”

Zen Colin and Christie still takes some getting use to, but it is cool that they were so calm about it and didn’t stress out or get upset in the slightest. Like, would you have been this chill after a nail drops on your face? “It’s a sign of good luck for sure,” Colin says. “Any time a nail falls on your head, that’s definitely an omen of good luck. I just feel super grateful.”

They were in such a good mood afterward that they even took a few seconds to reminisce on ol’ times when they walked by a photo display of an ox plow. “Something about this image reminds me of something of the past,” Colin jokes. “I can’t tell what it is that reminds me of.”

Memo to “The Amazing Race”: If you don’t want to include someone getting nailed in the head, fine, but don’t deny us “My ox is broken!” mentions.

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