‘My ox is broken!’ Relive Colin’s iconic ‘Amazing Race’ meltdown [WATCH]

Good things come to those who wait, and fans of “The Amazing Race” have been waiting a long time to see Colin Guinn and Christie Woods race again. They’ll finally do so in Season 31’s clash between “Race,” “Survivor” and “Big Brother” veterans — 15 years and 26 seasons after they finished second in Season 5 and truly changed all of our lives for the better. Because when you think of all-time “Race” teams, Colin and Christie come to mind. And when you think of Colin, you think of one thing and one thing only, aka the greatest “Race” moment ever. I’m talking about, of course, “My ox is broken!”

It’s honestly difficult to overstate how legendary this meltdown (watch above) and this season was to non-“Race” and newer “Race” fans. Season 5 was arguably the series’ best, and a large part of that was due to Colin and Christie, who may be the most intense racers the show has ever seen — Colin especially. High-strung and fiercely competitive, Colin already entered the “Race” Hall of Fame by being the only contestant who nearly got arrested over a cab fare dispute (that would’ve been quite a Detour and a Roadblock). But then came Oxgate.

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On Leg 11 in the Philippines, after losing their lead and getting Yielded by eventual winners Chip and Kim — generating a 30-minute death stare from Colin and Christie — Colin was a giant ball of anger and stress by the time they tackled the Plow Detour, which tasked racers to steer an ox-drawn plow around a muddy field to dig up a clue. Well, “they” were supposed to do it, since it’s a Detour, but Colin took it on all by himself. And when the ox wouldn’t do what wanted (thank you, dear ox, for trolling the crazy man yelling at you), his brain completely, beautifully short-circuited.

“My ox is broken! This is bullsh–!”

Name a more iconic moment. You can’t.

When the show did a Switchback to the notorious task in Season 25, Phil Keoghan called “My ox is broken!” the “biggest breakdown ever” in “Race” history, and he is not wrong. The only thing that would make this season better is if they did another Switchback while Colin and Christie are still there. Sure, he could’ve mellowed in 15 years, but maybe he’d have some ox-induced PTSD. This is television we all need.

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