Janelle and Britney felt like they had to ‘coddle’ Corinne and Eliza on ‘The Amazing Race’ [WATCH]

Corinne Kaplan and Eliza Orlins may have nothing against Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater now, but if you ask Janelle Pierzina and Britney Haynes, they definitely did during “The Amazing Race 31.”

“Corinne and Eliza are not fans of the Reilly sisters at all,” Britney says in a deleted scene (watch above). “So if they see us talking to the Reilly sisters, they get jealous. They’re, like, mad.”

“Or they’ll talk sh–,” Janelle adds. “Like if I walk up to Eliza and Corinne, they’ll start talking sh– about the Reilly sisters, like, ‘Oh my God, when she asked you for that gummy bear, were you pissed?’ I’ll be like [faking it], ‘Yeah, I was so pissed. I didn’t want to give it to her.'”

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Whatever the drama was between the “Survivor” alums and the Reilly sisters culminated in a super awkward elimination for the former in Wednesday’s episode, during which they lashed out at the sisters and claimed they’ll never speak to them again. In our exit interview, Corinne and Eliza chalked up their emotional reaction to being in the heat of the moment, stating that they never had a problem with the sisters then or now. (They all texted during Wednesday’s episode.)

But that clearly was not how it came off to Janelle and Britney at the time. The “Big Brother” alums admit they feel like they have to “coddle” Corinne and Eliza on “Race” because maintaining that relationship is “a lot of work.” “It takes so much energy,” Janelle continues. “You have to baby them because they do not feel good, which is — their feelings are correct because a lot of people don’t really like them.”

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Part of that is because Corinne and Eliza willingly embraced being the villains of the season, but another aspect is the whole different dynamic this season has with “Big Brother” and “Survivor” cast members in the mix. Those two shows thrive on scheming, manipulation and chess moves, but “Race” does not; you just… race, really. A lot of the non-“Race” contestants came in with the same mindset as they had on their original show, Britney believes.

“The social game of ‘The Amazing Race’ is not supposed to be a social game,” she points out. “It’s supposed to be, ‘Hi friends! Oh my God, you came in fifth? Great job! I love you.’ But this, you brought in the ‘Big Brother’ and the ‘Survivor’ people, and it’s not like that. It’s like, ‘Did you see? Colin [Guinn] and Christie [Woods] were talking to Tyler [Oakley] and Korey [Kuhl]. I think they’re onto something. I think they’re working together. They were talking about a hotel. I heard the word ‘hotel.’ Did you hear that? I saw a map.’ It’s like so much scheming. It’s exhausting. It’s like we’re playing ‘Big Brother’ at the same time as playing ‘Amazing Race.'”

It’s so exhausting for Britney that she divides the legs into two halves: the actual tasks and the social mingling at airports. “I leave the airport and I’m like, ‘Oh my God! I just had to manage like 10 different relationships,'” she says. “We were seen sitting next to the Reilly sisters, so we better go spend some time with Corinne and Eliza. We can’t hang out with them too much. Don’t clock in too much time or if you do, do it around the corner where no one saw. It’s so obnoxious.”

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