Corinne and Eliza ‘really hate’ the Reilly sisters after this ‘Amazing Race’ taxi tussle [WATCH]

If it seems like Corinne Kaplan and Eliza Orlins have a new enemy every week on “The Amazing Race,” it’s because they do. It was the Afghanimals, then it was Victor Arroyo, and next week it will be the Reilly sisters.

The preview at the end of the third episode teases a fight over a cab between the “Survivor” alums, and Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater. The Reilly sisters win out, much to Corinne and Eliza’s dismay. And Corinne and Eliza lets us know how they really feel in a new preview (watch above), which, you know, has never been a problem for them.

“I cannot stand them,” Eliza says. “Why are we not better at this than they are?”

Adds Corinne: “I really hate them.”

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More than they hate the Afghanimals? Hard to tell. But to answer Eliza’s question of why they aren’t better than the Reilly sibs, it’s because Rachel has already done “Race” twice. And finished in third place twice. She and Elissa haven’t been lighting the race on fire so far, especially Leg 3, during which they were beaten by Corinne and Eliza, but that prior experience is invaluable. The “Survivor” and “Big Brother” folks have repeatedly been saying how “Race” was much more difficult than they had expected.

In any event, maybe this will be the the start of the definitive rivalry of the season. Rachel and Elissa’s U-Turn of Team Fun didn’t ruffle too many feathers. It’s Corinne and Eliza who’ve been twirling her mustaches so far. The Afghanimals haven’t really engaged with them, besides effing with them the clue location in Vietnam but they’ve done that with everyone, and Eliza’s trolling of Victor felt more like she was just messing with him in the moment. Rachel and Elissa would definitely engage and egg them on, and what is a reality TV season without some Rachel drama?

“The Amazing Race” airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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