Eliza is now trolling Victor in this ‘Amazing Race’ sneak peek

You dance like no one’s watching. And you sing like you really want to piss people off. Which is exactly what Eliza Orlins is doing on “The Amazing Race.”

On Wednesday’s episode, the teams travel to Vietnam, where the Roadblock is to sing karaoke to a Vietnamese song. The racers get to practice and learn the lyrics in a backroom, as seen in the sneak peek above. It’s pretty low-key — everyone’s focused on mastering the words and pronunciation. Colin Guinn‘s got headphones on. Victor Arroyo is practicing at a normal decibel.

And then barreling in comes Eliza, who proceeds to bellow at the top of her lungs what are definitely not Vietnamese words to the song. Colin side-eyes her (15 years ago, he would’ve definitely given her a piece of his mind), while a peeved Victor decides to just leave and perform the song. “Eliza showed up and she’s yelling nonstop,” he says in a talking head. “So I decided to get out of there fast.”

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Luckily for Victor, he seems to have gotten the song down (and also sounds pretty good?), but what I don’t know Vietnamese, so who knows.

Meanwhile, Eliza slyly smirks under her baseball cap, having accomplished her goal of annoying the sh– out of Vic. Regardless of what you think of her and Corinne Kaplan, you have to give them props for bringing the drama, even if it’s not exactly wise to waste ample time trolling someone when you could be practicing. For a reality showdown, everyone’s been pretty chill so far, and there wasn’t even any major blowback (yet) from the Double U-Turns. But Corinne and Eliza are more than happy to volunteer as tribute to be the villains of the season, and we are here for it.

“The Amazing Race” airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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