‘The Amazing Race’: Which team is eliminated in episode 9 of season 31 on June 12?

The Amazing Race”  really heated up last week, with the introduction of the public U-Turn vote at the start of episode 8. Two teams were pitted against each other and forced to do both sides of the Detour. While Colin and Christie (“TAR”) flourished, Rachel and Elissa (“Survivor”) floundered and were eliminated. Now, with no more non-elimination legs, which team will be sent packing by Phil Keoghan at the end of episode 9? Read on for “TAR” spoilers.

“Let’s Split!,” which airs June 12 on CBS, sees the six remaining teams travel from Switzerland to Croatia. The journey turns out to be filled with as much drama as the tasks ahead. There are several flights and fights to get on the earlier one. Becca and Floyd (“TAR”) do battle with Nicole and Victor (“Big Brother”) for the last remaining tickets. Will it matter which pair gets these coveted seats?

When the six teams finally make it to Split, a seaside town on the Adriatic, they have recite poetry “while in motion.” They then go tubing with the Travelocity gnome in tow. We know that Colin and Christie misplace him but will that mean the end of game for these two fan favorites?  And will Tyler and Korey (“TAR”) pull off their fourth win in a row?

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Of the six teams left, four of them are “Race” alumni, one appeared on “Big Brother” and one competed on “Survivor.” Based on sightings reported on social media we know that it is the latter,  Chris and Bret, who are last to the mat and are finally sent packing. This result leaves just five teams still in the race for the one million dollars.

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