‘The Amazing Race’: Which team is eliminated in episode 4 of season 31 on May 8?

Although season 31 of “The Amazing Race” was run last summer, CBS is only showing it now. Episode 4, “I Took Out a Polar Bear,” sees the nine remaining teams still in Laos to Vietnam. Will Becca and Floyd (“TAR”) pull off another upset or will the one-time frontrunners, the Afghaninmals (cousins Leo and Jamal who’ve been on “TAR” before),  rally from their eighth place showing? And can Chris and Bret (“Survivor”), who escaped elimination in leg 3, overcome their Speed Bump to avoid being ousted this week? Read on for “TAR” spoilers.

This leg sees the teams continuing to race around Ho Chi Minh City, the one-time capital of Vietnam. The two Detour options both promise that teams will get wet. They have to either build a Water Wheel or row a Water Boat. We know from the episode 4 preview that seven of the nine teams chose to take to the water: Becca and Floyd, Chris and Bret, Colin and Christie (“TAR”), Corinne and Eliza (“Survivor”), Janelle and Britney (“BB”), Nicole and Victory (“BB”), and Tyler and Korey (“TAR”). The two teams that chose to build were Leo and Jamal and Rachel and Elissa (“BB”).

The Roadblock requires racers to ride scooters around a test course, comprised of mall circles and figure eights with arrows specifying which direction to go in. We can confirm that Elissa, Eliza, Jamal, Janelle, Korey and Victory take on this challenge.

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Based on sightings reported on social media we know that Corinne & Eliza, who came into this leg in fifth place, are last to the mat and get sent home by Phil Keoghan. This result leaves eight teams still in the race for the one million dollars. Who will be eliminated next?

Episode 5 takes the teams from the tropics of Vietnam to the desert of Dubai. This episode will air on May 22.

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