‘Amazing Race’ fans also want this big change for the U-Turn Vote

We had some issues with the U-Turn Vote on “The Amazing Race,” and it turns out you did as well. About 47 percent of our readers said they don’t mind the new twist, but they wish the vote wasn’t done verbally. Amen.

Like we already pointed out, the verbal vote in last week’s episode screwed over Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater, who had to go first after a pre-determined random draw. They voted for Colin Guinn and Christie Woods, who kept things even by voting for the Reillys. But would Colin and Christie have voted for the Reillys had they not gone first and picked them? Probably not. The Reillys were one of the weaker teams left.

That vote set up Chris Hammons and Bret LaBelle, who had the final vote, to determine the second team that would be U-Turned in addition to Colin and Christie, who received three votes. The Reillys were one of three teams with one vote, and Team Bromance weren’t close to the Reillys, so they voted for them.

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All of these votes could’ve and probably would’ve been different had people not been influenced by how others had voted before them. The U-Turn Vote being public is great — no one can lie and try to deflect — but this can still be accomplished by having everyone write down their choice for Phil Keoghan to read all at once. It’s the only way not to screw over the team that goes first and not to have people affected by previous votes.

But 27 percent of you think the U-Turn Vote is perfect as is (be honest: is it because most of you wanted the Reillys gone?). The remaining 26 percent just want the regular ol’ U-Turn board back.

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