Colin and Christie also tied these 3 ‘Amazing Race’ records with their win

Colin Guinn and Christie Woods didn’t just win the $1 million on Wednesday’s finale of “The Amazing Race 31,” but they tied three records to boot. The couple now has the most career leg wins at nine, the most career top three finishes at 20 and is one of three teams to complete the “Race” course twice.

Colin and Christie’s first place in the final leg locked them with runners-up Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl, who achieved nine career wins with their fourth consecutive top placement in Leg 9 to go with their five in Season 28. They beat the career record previously held by Rachel and Dave Brown, who more impressively won eight legs in a single season (still a record) on Season 20 versus taking two seasons to do so like Colin and Christie, and Tyler and Korey.

Colin and Christie were first in Legs 4 and 10 this season. They had a then-record six first-place finishes in Season 5, where they came in second, and deliberately tried not to peak too soon this go-around so they could claim the $1 million that had eluded them.

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But Colin and Christie’s way of not peaking too soon means just letting someone else take first while they’re still crushing the game. They never finished lower than fourth in Season 31, which happened just twice in Legs 2 and 9, posting 10 top three placements, just like they did in Season 5. And 10 + 10 = 20.

The only other team to have 20 career top three finishes is the cowboys, Jet and Cord McCoy — but their tally spans three seasons to Colin and Christie’s two. The cowboys had nine top three placements in Season 16, four in Season 18 and seven in Season 24.

What’s more, the cowboys only made the final once, coming in second in their debut and later getting eliminated in sixth place in Season 18 and in fifth place in Season 24. Before this season, Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas were the only team to have completed the entire “Race” course more than once, finishing in third in Seasons 20 and 24 (Eric Sanchez was the first person to do it, finishing second with Jeremy Ryan in Season 9 and winning Season 11 with Danielle Turner). But now Colin and Christie, and Tyler and Korey, who came in third on Season 29, have become members of that elite club.

One of the best teams ever? You can definitely say so.

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