The Crazy 8’s were ‘little attack monsters’ during their ‘World of Dance’ Duel, then they made Jennifer Lopez cry [WATCH]

The Crazy 8’s were the highest scoring act in the “World of Dance” Junior Team Division coming out of the Qualifiers, so they had their pick of opponents for the Duels on March 24. And let me tell you, those kids may be cute, but they were downright savage when they straight-up admitted to the judges that they chose West Springfield Dance because they had the lowest score and they thought they could beat them. Were they right? Watch their routine above, and see what the judges had to say about it below.

Jennifer Lopez: “My god, you’re like three feet tall and you’re like a little group of attack monsters. It’s crazy! … You guys are pretty amazing. To watch you guys do this routine and execute it so beautifully and perfectly was really something special. I just want to squeeze all of you.”

Derek Hough: “First of all, when you guys came out, you guys are just so tiny, but when you’re on that stage you’re huge. You’re massive, and what you did, the quality, the control of slowing down your turn like that is incredibly difficult — that’s more impressive than the turn itself, so it’s huge. Well done.”

Ne-Yo: “I want to speak on the fact that everybody on this stage took their leg off and put it behind their neck — like, disconnected it, threw it back here, smiled, and then put it back. That’s skill. I felt like as good and as quality dancers as you are, there should have been a lot more to the transitions. There should have been a lot more to the parts where you were actually dancing because you guys have got it.”

The Crazy 8’s ended up decisively winning their Duel, averaging 93.3 compared to West Springfield Dance’s 89.3, and then they got cute again. After the results were in the Crazy 8’s revealed that their member Naia, who suffers from selective mutism that inhibits her from speaking in most social situations, wanted to say hi to Lopez. She whispered it to the judge, who was so overcome with emotion that she picked up the young dancer and tearfully told her, “I’m so proud of you right now … I feel very, very lucky that you said hi to me.”

And suddenly we all collectively wished we could have little attack monsters of our own.

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