The Heima’s ‘World of Dance’ Duel was literally head-spinning [WATCH]

They’re “Naturals” all right. The Heima‘s Duels performance on “World of Dance” was a winner from the very beginning, when one member of the Korean b-boy team spun on his head like some kind of cranial perpetual motion device. On a show with so many hip-hop performers represented, it can be hard to stand out. But these are not just any hip-hop performers. Watch their routine above, and vote in our poll below to tell us if you think they had the best performance of the night.

In the Upper Team Division, The Heima had one of the highest scores coming out of the Qualifiers round. That meant they had their choice of opponents, and they picked another hip-hop crew, the lower-scoring Exiles. It was a savvy move since it gave The Heima an opportunity to set themselves apart from a more familiar hip-hop movement style. Right when they came out Jennifer Lopez was intrigued by their costumes, which looked like some kind of cross between an astronaut and a beekeeper.

Just like he was after their Qualifiers performance, Ne-Yo was “pleasantly confused” by their routine and how they innovate a style unto themselves — “contemporary breakers,” Ne-Yo called them. Lopez thought they broke the mold with many moments she was “marveling” at. And Derek Hough was also wowed how they invented moves that “don’t even exist.”

The Heima scored 95 from Lopez, 96 from Hough, and a whopping 99 from Ne-Yo, which gave them an average of 96.7. They easily won their Duel against Exiles, though that team advanced to the next round anyway because they won their redemption dance at the end of the night. So we’ll get to see a rematch of this Duel when both teams perform again during the Cut.

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