Bow down, peasants! The Kings are ‘World of Dance’ royalty after this ‘insane’ Duels performance [WATCH]

If The Kings weren’t the “World of Dance” front-runners before, they certainly are now. Throughout The Duels 4, the show teased a performance that would send the judges into convulsions of joy and get the season’s first perfect 100 score from Ne-Yo. The Kings were the last Duel performance of the night, so by the time they took the stage it was clear it would be them. After all that buildup, was their performance worth the praise? Watch it above, and then vote in our poll at the bottom of this post to let us know.

I was a bit disappointed that the show spilled the beans about those scores. I would rather have been surprised by the routine instead of knowing in advance what level of performance The Kings would deliver. But much to their credit, they lived up to the hype. The Indian hip-hop crew had unparalleled flips and tricks that soared through the air at dangerous heights. But it wasn’t just a string of acrobatic stunts. They also incorporated Bollywood style and humor to make it a well-rounded dance routine.

After the performance was over it looked like Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough and Ne-Yo were having a religious experience. Hough was so overwhelmed that he screamed and lied down on the judges’ table. Lopez waved her hands wildly and hollered. Ne-Yo mostly looked dumbfounded. They called the performance “insane,” and in addition to the 100 they got from Ne-Yo they received 99s from Hough and Lopez, giving them an average of 99.3. They have now received the two highest scores of the season, following their 97.7 in the Qualifiers.

So it’ll be smooth sailing to the million dollar grand prize, right? Maybe not. Last year the Upper Division duo of Karen y Ricardo were racking up 99s and 100s until they surprisingly lost their Division Final to underdog Michael Dameski. And Junior Division duo Charity and Andres got 100s across the board for their Duels performance (still an unmatched feat), but they lost the World Final. So maybe the Kings will continue their reign … as long as they don’t peak too soon.

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