Watch The Kings’ historic, mind-bending, reality-altering ‘World of Dance’ performance from the World Final

The Kings were the front-runners to win “World of Dance” all season, but with such consistently stellar performances it seemed like their toughest opponents would be themselves. Could they still show the judges something new in the World Final after all their death-defying tricks? In a word, yes. In two words, hell yes. Watch their routine above.

Judges Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo and Derek Hough teamed up to mentor the finalists,  but when The Kings presented the routine they had in the works they only had about 30 seconds of choreography to show them, which made Hough wonder if they had peaked too soon and ran out of steam. But I was wondering if the show was trying to fake us out so that The Kings’ victory wouldn’t feel like a foregone conclusion.

Turns out I was right. Their performance was another blockbuster — almost literally. It was a cinematic gladiatorial battle with more of the high-flying tricks they’re so well known for, and even some visual effects to boot. They actually performed parts of their combat scene in slow-motion more convincing than “300.” Ne-Yo thought it was the “greatest action film” he has ever seen. Hough thought they “altered reality.” And Lopez was surprised that she was surprised; she thought she had seen all they had to offer, but they came to the stage with yet another unique visual story.

As much as the show tried to build suspense at the end of the night, saving The Kings’ scores for last, there was really nothing surprising about their numbers: perfect 100s across the board, which made this the second routine in “World of Dance” history to achieve that feat, following Charity and Andres‘s Duels performance in season two. Are The Kings the best winners from the show yet? I think they definitely are. But might they also be the single best act in the history of the show so far? I think they take the cake there too. What do you think? Vote in our poll below to let us know.

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