Wow! The Kings performance on ‘World of Dance’ The Cut was worthy of the crown, but don’t coronate them just yet [WATCH]

The Kings have been crazy good all season on “World of Dance” — emphasis on crazy. They perform maneuvers that may keep NBC’s insurers up at night. And their performance during The Cut round was no exception. Just when you think you’ve seen their entire bag of tricks, out comes a giant robot. Watch their performance above, and make your predictions here in our predictions center to let us know if you think they’ll win the Divisional Final next week.

Ne-Yo mentored the teams in the Upper Team Division before they performed their Cut routines. He was a little bit baffled when The Kings told him their plans for the performance — they were combining robotics, Bollywood and dubstep — but after he watched their rehearsal he was so excited that he threw a pillow at them. And when they officially performed the number during the show they didn’t disappoint. Their moves didn’t fly quite as high as in previous rounds — they got maybe two stories off the ground instead of three or four — but this time they all joined together to form a giant Voltron-Transformers-giant-crab-robot thing unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. I’d say that made up for it.

You could say the judges enjoyed it. Derek Hough showed his usual restraint by giving them a standing ovation — while standing on top of the judges’ table. The routine received an average score of 97.7, which is the same score they got in the Qualifiers, and they have yet to score less than that. So are they shoo-ins to win the Divisional Final next week? Maybe not. Their rivals The Heima have improved their scores in each round so far, and their Cut routine also received 97.7 from the judges, which means the divisional title is still up for grabs. Who do you think will advance to the World Final for a chance at the million-dollar grand prize?

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