‘The Masked Singer’ cast: Which celeb do YOU hope wins from the Top 10? [POLL]

While reality TV fans everywhere are obsessed with learning the identities of “The Masked Singer” cast members, no one seems to be talking about the competition angle of the show. Namely, who’s the best singer? Two celebrities have already been unmasked because of their pitchy voices — Pittsburgh Steelers football player Antonio Brown and comedy legend Tommy Chong — which leaves 10 contestants still in the running to win Season 1. Of the Top 10 costumed character, who do YOU hope wins based on their singing talent? Vote in our poll below.

WEEK TWO SPOILERS: Who are Alien , Bee , PoodleRabbitRaven

Fox’s fun reality show is a bona fide ratings juggernaut, with the season premiere nabbing 9.4 million total viewers and a 3.0 rating during its initial broadcast. That gave the network its best demo numbers for a Wednesday program since a 2016 episode of “Empire.” Host Nick Cannon oversees the competition series while Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke serve as hosts.

In the first episode the three face-offs were Peacock vs. Hippo, Monser vs. Unicorn and Deer vs. Lion. Peacock’s “The Greatest Show” beat Hippo’s “My Prerogative,” Unicorn’s “Fight Song” took down Monster’s “Don’t Stop Me Now,” and Lion’s “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)” towered over Deer’s “Thunder.” The judges then voted to send home Hippo, who unmasked himself to reveal Brown.

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This week the three match-ups were Rabbit vs. Alien, Raven vs. Pineapple and Bee vs. Poodle. Rabbit’s “Livin’ la Vida Loca” out-hopped Alien’s “Feel It Still,” Raven’s “Rainbow” out-shined Pineapple’s “I Will Survive,” and Bee’s “Chandelier” out-buzzed Poodle’s “Heartbreaker.” After the judges decided to eliminate Pineapple, he took off his costume to reveal Chong.

WEEK ONE SPOILERS: Who are DeerLionMonster, PeacockUnicorn

Of the Top 10 singers left in the competition, do you think one of the six battle champs (Lion, Peacock, Unicorn, Bee, Rabbit, Raven) deserves to win, or are you instead rooting for one of the underdogs who lost their face-off (Deer, Monster, Alien, Poodle)? After voting down in our poll, be sure to defend your choice in the comments section.

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